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Saint Ripley to save us all

Just to make a  point and prove that this blog is not dead I will post an awesome picture that ties in with the unofficial theme of this blog – the alien franchise, mind you – and sweeten all of our days.

Enjoy the gloriousness of Ellen Ripley and baby Alien byzantine icon style:

This gem can be purchased over HERE. The illustration was made by artist Jska Priebe, whose website you can visit by clicking THIS LINK.


Drooling over Mr. Shabba’s Classic Sci-Fi Film Posters

Oh, you wonder what plans I have for the weekend?
Go out and party? Hit the flea-markets? Relax and read a book?
There is only one concrete goal I know I’ll pursue these next two days: Get my hands on a print of the amazingly awesome Alien film-poster designed by Mr. Shabba. Why? Have a look for yourself:

Seriously, I need this. Put it over my couch, my bed, frame it for the bathroom, you name it. This is so ridiculously rad, I’m gonna have to kill myself. Or basically really just order it online.
If Alien is not your thing (it certainly is mine and I profess my love HERE), but you’re still nurturing a little Sci-Fi geek inside your soul, you got a few more choices. 2001: A Space Odyssey, E.T., Terminator, and Blade Runner are also available from his re-design collection.

all posters (c) Mr. Shabba, you can visit his online Shop by clicking HERE

Out of the rest I like the Blade Runner movie poster the best, but that’s probably due to the fact that I also really enjoyed the movie. Though I liked E.T. as a kid, and I think the first Terminator is pretty neat. So basically, despite the undeniable favoritism regarding Alien, I love the Alien poster most because the design is so gorgeously wicked!
What’s your favorite?

So, what is “natural” for Ben the Illustrator?

Beautiful weather and beautiful things go together very well, and since you’ve probably been dying to write some good old-fashioned postcards to your beloved friends I bring you the perfect dose of illustration goodness that you just needed.

Behold the beauty of the “Natural” postcard-collection designed by Ben the Illustrator (his website is here) and available at the 1973 online shop (you can get to it clicking HERE). A select few are presented here, which are my favorites. I love the contrast of the vibrant colors with the wooden/stone backgrounds. So, if you feel like sending me a postcard anytime soon, you know where to look. Ha!

And another one that is so perfectly designed to be sent to one particular person I know: