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Brachland on stage

I’m not much of a theater person which basically just means that I don’t go to see a play often, but it does not mean that I don’t like to go see a play At All.
This last Friday the improbable happened and I went to see a play called “Brachland – Geschichten vom Nichts” (Wasteland – Stories of Nothing) at the Neuköllner Oper (Neukölln Opera) here in Berlin, just around the corner of my place actually. The Neuköllner Oper is a renowned off-stage here in Berlin and the reason I’m posting about my visit there is simple, yet needs to be stated clearly:
The Play Fucking Rocked.
It was awesome, hilarious, creative and entertaining altogether and then some.

© Matthias Heyde

It is centered on those people we all know, living in the city but longing for the country, all the while not realizing that their longing stems from them not having any clue what life there really is like. The absurdities that go with this idealization of a life that exist primarily in glossy magazines on country-living catering to an urban audience are wonderfully parodied in this play. The all female cast (except for two musicians who double-function as extras) is powerful and delivers the text – which is hilarious and terrific at the same time – as you would like to hear it: Thought provoking, poignant and funny.

© Matthias Heyde

There is a lot of music and singing involved since the ensemble leitundlause associates itself with musical theatre. Some of it is really good, the music per se is strong and diverse, it is just that in the songs the textual quality suffers IMHO and made me actually wait for the musical numbers to be over in order to get to more spot on dialogue or monologue or polylogue or whatever. And their experiments with language and rhetoric, but also the delivery of lines while doing outrageous acrobatics is divine.

If you live in Berlin or are traveling here, go and see it, you can do so today, or from 16-19th September, always starting at 8pm (you need to be there in time, otherwise you won’t get in). Tickets are from 9-21 Euros.