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Sports, home edition

Are you doing sports? Or hit the gym?
I love to go for a run. But I don’t live close to a park, so running here in Berlin means that I basically spend my running time getting to and from a park. Which sucks. Majorly.
Plus, I feel kind of guilty if I just run. So for a while I tried to listen to audio-books while running, but my mind kept wandering, so I missed chunks of the story. Which might also be, because the book was so boring…

So here I present my solution, the perfect combination of running/walking/multitasking:

Yep, a step-machine. Called simply stepper in German. Or also mini-stepper. Which is really a ridiculously stupid thing when you think about it, but I love love love it. You can work out and watch a movie, or a read a book, or work on the computer. Unfortunately, this one broke, or to be more precise: It started to squeak so unbelievably loud that I can’t do a single step without feeling like ear-raping my whole neighborhood.

So, I bought a new one:

It’s bigger and it works differently. Well, because it is a side-stepper. Like: Evolution, maybe. Which is cool, but what kind of sucks is that it also tends to be loud… Basically meaning that soon enough I will have to be looking for a new one that satisfies my needs.

I’d totally spend my time working out by playing volleyball for a good while, but I feel like I don’t know enough people who share that wish. So, I’ll keep to the stepper.
What do you think: is it ridiculous? Or a highly efficient way to get your workout done?