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Don’t be blue, just ’cause you be puttin’ a business outfit together!

There are a few things that the city of Frankfurt (am Main) here in Germany is known for:
a) the sausages named after it, b) it being the only city in Germany with a real skyline, c) its international airport which is the major airport in Germany, d) its status as a city for fairs, and e) being Germany’s financial center.
Since the beginning of October you can add f) to this list, that would be me pursuing an internship here.

I won’t bother you with the gruesome details, but I will bother you with my quest for the perfect business outfit. Because mind you, gentlemen and gentleladies, the days of Alex the outfit-slob are over, arriveth the days of Alex the outfit-snob!
Or rather, everyone here in Frankfurt wears suits. Or business outfits. Well, business outfits that are suits or at least look like suits. My point being: I need business outfits! (Cause face it, when you think of me, you think of business, right?)
First off, a shirt is the mandatory item for any business outfit, right? Right. Thus:

These three beauties are all from McGregor New York, who are celebrating their 90th birthday (which you can learn more about HERE if you want to) this very year. You can get to their online shop by clicking HERE or any of the above pictures.
I love the collar of the first one, and the light blue. I am also a big fan of the chequered blue and white one in the second picture, but I love the last one. Love the Paisley pattern on the inside, love the shades of blue.
Which obviously brings me to the central color of this outfit search: BLUE. Cause why? Cause blue, you know, is not black, nor is it grey, it is not as reserved, yet not far out there. And I just happen to be loving blue clothing at the moment.
Like for example these two neckties I recently purchased:

Which would go amazingly well with this McGregor suede belt

that just happens to be (kinda) similar to one I recently purchased in a thrift shop (I’m luxuriously cheap, y’all!):

Shirts and ties and belts are fine and all, but dudes need proper jackets to make their business outfits work, and luckily McGregor’s Distinction collection helps me out there as well with these two neat choices.

So here, I’d choose the one on the right over the one on the left, because this is SERIOUS BUSINESS after all, so to at least pretend to be seriously businessy the right one wins.

You guessed it, shoes. Once again I turn to McGregor Fashion New York, that is where they’re from, and adapt their goodies to my Frankfurt hood a.k.a. dream about incorporating these into my imaginary business ensemble. Cause pretty they are. Very.

Now, this is all very nice and good, you all might be saying, but isn’t this a tad too safe? You might not be all too mistaken, respond I to this, so I will wear this jacket designed by Yigal Azrouel over it all to give it a little more edge:


Now, I’m ready for business. Corporate world, here I come (nicely dressed).


Female Fashion Forecast: Rainbow Candy Wrappers

Obviously, ladies, this is the blog you turn to in search for foolproof fashion advice. Duh. Clear as a crystal in its see-through phase.
Ever willing to please the market and supply your vocal demands I predict two fashion trends for women that are absolutely inescapable this coming season/next year/decade/you name it.

Prediction no.1: Candy Wrappers


Yes, dear readerettes, take a good hard look at the image above, cause that is what’s coming. You don’t believe me? Pah, sayeth moi, let Christopher Kane (spring/summer 2012) tell you how it is.


Unimpressed? Don’t worry, Alexander McQueen (spring/summer 2012) is here to convince you.


And just in case you don’t believe it yet, Gareth Pugh (spring/summer 2012) my ladies, with a little bit of Alien thrown in there, to Sigourneyze your viewing pleasure.


And if you are wondering how to accessorize yourself: this:


Prediction no. 2: Rainbows

Really, there isn’t much to say. Take water, sunlight, and the spectre of colors and voilà: fashion goes all rainbow on your ass. Sweet. Not in a candy way, but ermh colorful. Anyways: yet again Christopher Kane (spring/summer 2012).


Meanwhile, back at the lab….
I am just stealing this Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2012 dress to die in/use it as a blanket/feel like a princess


while I’m secretely wondering how I’ll best incorporate the following into my oh-so-masculine wardrobe.


And yes, of course it is the spring/summer collection 2012 of Dries van Noten. But you girls don’t have to mind that one at all, cause you’ll be busy collecting them candy wrappers to get a cheap dress and infuse them colors in your not-yet-rainbow wardrobe.

You heard it here first. For what it’s worth.

Be a man! And wear bold yellow.

Obviously, the most depressing aspect about fashion and its relation to the world is how out there some designs are, how much “in your face” they can be, yet still be totally amazing and yet, when I step out on the street all I see 99.9% of all guys wear is the same old jeans and t-shirt/sweater in blue and black routine. I don’t want to hate on it, but given the sad occurences of those types hating on everything that’s color and texture and shape and non-box-y, I indulge in a little “blah, how boring…LOOK AT THIS!”
And so yep, there is your reason for this post.


“Bold” colors. That could basically be any color, just make it bright and use it in unusual places. And no, Ed Hardy does not count for unusuality (yay, new word!). In this post I would like to a personal favorite of mine: Yellow. Totally underrated when it comes to fashion, so let the above casual outfit by Calvin Klein from his spring/summer 2012 collection, and the below picture of a beautiful suit from Roberto Cavalli’s spring 2012 collection remind you why exactly yellow is so awesomely handsome.


To give you something a little more out there I present you two outfits of Walter Van Beirendonck’s latest spring/summer 2012 collection. And yeah, the second one is not yellow, but from a technical point of view there is a lot of yellow in green so yadda yadda… just admit that the outfits are fantastic!


Hell to the Yes also to this nice ensemble as seen on the runway for Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2012 show:


And to wrap this post up I’ll just throw all these inspirations together, stir them in a style-pot and smear’em on myself. Voilà:

via my own crappy camera

Are you already grabbing your yellow hat to match it with your turqoise manskirt? Yes, please.

The sky and clouds, or why men should totally wear white combined with light blue

Maybe it is because this color-combo is easily found by looking up in the sky, but just recently I entered a severe white and (light) blue phase. It needs to be translated into men’s clothing, otherwise I’ll go crazy. Luckily, some of the major designers came up with clever outfit combinations and presented them at this years Milan Men’s Fashion Week for Spring 2012 collections, and me likey what me see-y (yeah, it works better in my head…).
First behold some blue and white everyday casualness envisioned by the Burberry Prosum team:

But if casual is not really your thing and you wanna suit it up, this white and light blue combo by Roberto Cavalli should totally be down your road:

Suit and tie time over, you can hit the city in your Calvin Klein summer outfit, that not only features some awesome white and light blue, but also comes in shape-bending forms, which is something I always love:

For just the right mix of casual and formal, Salvatore Ferragamo, who we’ll get to in a second, came up with this beautiful combination:

And the folks over at Dolce and Gabbana present something in a similar vein, but in this particular case: The effin’ bag! I. WANT. SO. BAD. !!!

Drawing inspiration from a natural color-palette, Salvatore Ferragamo single handedly shows us that white also works really well with earthy tones, and since I’m so delighted by what he presented, I’ll just relay it to you:

All images in this post via, you can get to the page by clicking HERE.

Am I slowly turning into a Salvatore Ferragamo devotee? Oh, I totally would if he’d send me over the blue and white combo including the head and presents me the Dolce and Gabbana bag (in fucking turqoise!) as a gift.
So, what is your favorite outfit? Or your preferred color combo? Team blue or team beige/light-brown/sand/whatever?

Pass your spring in pastels

So, folks, I don’t know about you, but here in beautiful Berlin spring has arrived. This past weekend we had wonderful 20°+ temperatures and if the weather would ask me (for once) I would tell it to continue like that and never change. Encouragement, it is called. Since it got a little cooler again I decided to fight the weather with clothing in purple and white, which of course (duh, what else!) reminded me: I need more pastel-colored clothing.

Lucky me, the fashion world is not one to disappoint. Pastels are the new black, which never went anywhere anyways, so you get to wear it all. Yay!
The picture above shows the principle colors that I demand from pastel wardrobe: turquoise, pink, and yellow. Awesome colors, underrepresented.

The picture is taken from the current collection of McGregor (their website is HERE), a brand that goes for the all-American upper-class sports look, but I says that no matter what class or country, pastels are awesome and should rule your day. Luckily McGregor provides some inspiration with their current collection, and I don’t want to withhold it from you.

These two looks remind us how essential white (in this case cool white shorts) is, when it comes to pastel colors. Love the shirt with the turquoise floral print, and I am always surprised by how the relatively boring combination of grey and pink can be enhanced by throwing in some white.
The polo-shirt below takes it even further by just combining all three colors into one shirt (you can see it in their online-shop here), that goes very well with the light blue shorts (another awesome color, btw).

If your lust for pink is not yet satisfied, their Distinction collection makes some suggestions as to how you could incorporate it into more formal outfits. Love the pink blazer and the pink trousers, though admittedly, the light blue shirt and the white trousers also kinda rock.

Mixing it once more with grey and getting a little more purple-y, here is another pretty outfit, just don’t get too distracted by the awesome marble wall in the back. Which deserves its own blog-entry, really.

Last but not least, behold these three beauties:

I love these belts, their color, their texture, their slimness. Prettey, sez I. Unfortunately they are not yet in the McGregor online-shop (you can get to it HERE), which currently offers a pretty awesome deal: if you buy stuff from either their online-shop (which you’d have to do here in Germany) or in any of their stores in various countries and spend at least 699 Euros they give you and IPad for free. Let’s be real for a second, I’m not gonna spend 700 Euros on clothes just like that, but if I did, I would gladly take the IPad. Ha. Bargain is in my blood. You can learn more about the special offer HERE.

But wait wait wait, Alex, I hear you all scream: Where is the yellow?
Admittedly, McGregor is a little short on that, which is a pity really. I guess we just gonna have to feed off the memories of the light-yellow Odeur jeans from their spring/summer 2009 collection. I so want these (especially now that my light-yellow jeans start to fall apart…).



On the runway no one can hear you scream – xenomorph dressing

After a wordy Alien entry (click HERE to get the to all Alien master index) I felt it was time for another round of photo-heavy Alien goodness, and what better way is there to celebrate Alien and visuals than: Alien Fashion!

That’s right folks, you are so immersed in your love of Alien, you just wanna display it on your body. (No copyright infringement intenden, if you own the right to any pictures displayed here and want them taken down, please contact me. For further info on all the pieces just click the links provided or the images themselves) Now, there are several ways to get there. You can of course always opt for the occasional fan-shirt, be it the iconic chestbuster (found here) or a full body Alien representation (found here) to show your allegiance.

Ok, so T-shirts are not your thing? You wanna go for something more fancy? Don’t you worry, there is always the option to choose an Alien costume. Granted, it is slightly less ready-to-wear-y than a T-Shirt, but you’ll feel much more like you’re on Fiorina161 than ever before, and people will look at you like you just stepped off of the Nostromo (which is a good thing of course). You’re options range from a simple, yet elaborate Alien headpiece (found here), to the DIY version that your kids will hug you for endlessly (found here), but you can also get a little more geeky and channel your inner Kane with yet another chestbuster-themed piece of clothing that requires you to learn how to manage to do things with only one hand (made by geeksix’s Josh, found here), or the Ripley inspired, now slightly Avatar-y, robot costume that might just land you another job (made by alexthemoviegeek, found here).

But the fashion-victim that you are, you of course know that an outfit relies on the details – you need Alien accessories, ASAP! You can keep it classy (read: splatter and sex) by simply have the chestbuster complete your cleavage (found here), or store your stuff in you new favorite backpack (found here). There is always the option to take it up a notch though by going high fashion (Hi, Tyra!) and go with the designs of the late Alexander McQueen: ditch your sneakers and opt for the McQueen Alien-heels (also available in other colors, found here), or screw that ponytail and get your hair did true Alien fashion (as seen on McQueens spring 2010 runway show, found here).

Hey Alex, you’re asking, what are you going to wear? Friends, I just wanted the right mix of high fashion, Alien, costume and yellow, so my pick for tonights outfit would definitely be Blackstore’s latex dress (found here). Cause it’s just too pretty to not wear it to the party!

Alien and the world of fashion, what a nice topic! Too gimmicky, you say? Bah, you can still just put on a white tank top, some olive army-pants, put a grey overall over it and say you’re just copying Ripley’s style. But she’ll know (and she’ll kick your ass for it).

Fashion Interlude: Oversize my Style!

Kids, I know, we need a little break from science-fictiorrific Alien month. Plus, it’s been a while since we covered fashion topics, so let’s just do so, shall we? Good!

First, I gotta admit, that I am a huge oversized-fan. I’m not a skinny little person, but I kinda wish I was, cause I love when people look like they get lost in what they wear. So to achieve this, I retort to using all oversized clothing I can get my hands on. Pathetic me. Fortunately, the fashion industry assists me, so we’re like partners in crime. Yeah!

The first look is from Kris Van Assche’s autumn-winter 2011/12 collection and is just the most awesome sweater I have seen in a while. It is brown and black with and interesting packaging-like texture and is so massively oversized it makes my heart melt.


This second look is featured here because of the awesome winter-jacket. Ever since last year I have a strange obsession with oversized jackets, and this one is no exception. It was designed by Maison Martin Margiela for their autumn-winter collection 2011/12 and I love love love it, cause it is patchy and blue (I could do without the fur though). I’m also partial to the boots and in general to outfits that are brightly colored and almost monochrome. Check, check and check. Now get me that jacket!


So, while I am drooling over outfits that are so beyond my price range that it isn’t even funny anymore, I’m going to search the interwebz for that damned H&M woolen knti-cardigan that I wanted so bad, but let slip through my stupid fingers….bwrah! Is what I’m sayin’.

A key to the lock of your bedazzled heart: Toby Jones Jewellery

While browsing my favorite blogs I stumbled upon the awesome gem that is Toby Jones’ “Broken Hearts Club” Jewellery Collection. I find the whole concept to be kind of fresh, even though wearing a key around your neck isn’t the most original thing in the world, and I absolutely love the way the photos for the lookbook were styled and shot.

Copyright for all of the following pics lies with Toby Jones, whose website you can access by clicking this link or go to the collection by clicking on any of the pictures.

Beautiful, right? I love the ring, but it’s really hard to pick a favorite. I guess I just have to get them all….

Why Chewbacca REALLY is friends with Han Solo

Just when I missed the deadline for a contest where I could have won a pretty awesome Star Wars Art book over at (which is like my new inspiration to reblog short tidbits without having to come up with anything original by my own whatsoever, but I digress), I found a way to light up my day. But yeah, first a closer look at the Art book I missed out on.


And here is what made me smile nevertheless:


heehee. I wish I had the characters to verbalize the sounds that Chewbacca would make when being pleasently surprised, but I really don’t, since my keyboard doesn’t support Wookie. However, even though I am not really a Star Wars fan, this is pretty kewl. And yay for yellow! (btw, it is actually a t-shirt design, you can learn more about the T-Shirt and the artist Sean Kirkpatrick by clicking on the picture)

Fashion hunting for jackets

My mind has been consumed by an unhealthy obsession with winter jackets lately. Now, mind you, I am not much of a jacket person, I could happily live in a climate where I can do without jackets at all, but every once in a while, a jacket comes along and touches my withered little heart.

This time the heart-touching-jacket-squad has attacked several times. First at H&M:


I’ve blogged about this particular woolen jacket before, and since my love for knitwear has somewhat grown over the last few years I thought I’ll give it a try. Curiously, I found it in a H&M store in Berlin recently, although they only had one piece in XL (which is exactly the size I would be looking for, actually) and I was to tight to shell out the 80 Euros then and there. Although I LOVED it. It’s such an awesome jacket, I’ve got to have it! I know that now. And haven’t found it anywhere else…. Mmmmh, I’m hoping this was just accidentally already in the store, and it’ll really come out, like, ermh, tomorrow. Maybe. Please?

On one of my H&M store raiding – woolen jacket finding missions in Mannheim I stumbled into a Peek&Cloppenburg store, where I found this:

Dear blog, meet Mikael, designed by The Red Collar Project. It looks simpler and more boring than it actually is, at least when I wear it (heehee, goodbye humility). Once again, I didn’t buy it, this time too frugal to spend 125 Euros on a jacket that won’t really keep me warm. Naturally, by now I could shoot myself for not buying it. Have. To. Look. For. It.

Then of course, all that jacket craving reminded me of another jacket that I longed for last year, after seeing it on Behold its glory:


It is this wonderful asymmetrical jacket by Swedish label Odeur. It made me visit the Temporary Showroom in Berlin for the first time in my life, where I feel constantly underdressed and just not cool enough, no matter if I’m the only one inside or not. Needless to say, the jacket wasn’t there and I haven’t been able to track it down anywhere since. You do not happen to own one and want to get rid of it desperately? I’d be willing to help…