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Why music videos are great, or: Scissors Sisters – Invisible Light

I have an up-and-down sorta relationship with the Scissors Sisters. Less because I like some stuff of them and then some other not so much, rather me forgetting about them, rediscovering them, thinking “they are the greatest band evah” and then forgetting again. So recently I re-stumbled upon the gloriousness that is “Invisible Light” from their album “Night Work”. And I really love love love the video which made me actually like the song. Wanna know why? Sure you do!

Yeah, this is the clean version – go and watch the dirty one.

#1 So conflicted

I am really conflicted about the question if I find the video sexist and classist or actually subverting sexist and classist constructions. Ultimately, if that even makes sense, I think it is kind of both? And that is why I love it? Cause, ambiguity, y’all? The author is dead, it’s all in your head. It certainly is a music video that is open for your reading.

#2 Narratatat

I just like the fact that the video can be both this grand narrative and at the same time not. All the bits and pieces can (and are probably supposed to) make the story, but at the same time it can also only be a disjointed mindfuck and be enjoyed as such. Wikipedia teaches me that the video draws inspiration from the nightmares of Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby” (great movie!) and of Catherine Deneuve in “Belle De Jour” (never seen it, sorriez!).

And there are three small scenes that I love in particular:

#3 Cleopatra, coming atcha

The scene with the Egyptian goddess (the Elizabeth Taylor version of Cleopatra, thanks Wikipedia) taking the gold nugget out of the girl’s hand and “screaming” a beam of light in her face at the 2:32 mark. Love. That. Scene.

#4 Grab dat ass

The scene at the 2:02 mark where our protagonist woman stands there watching the handyman chop the wood and then she grabs her own ass in those skin-tight white equestrian pants. Not that I have ever done it, but “girl, I know what you are trying to say here”.

#5 To the grave

Love the short glimpse on our protagonist lady carrying the coffin along a stretch of beautiful greenery at the 1:44 mark. In equal parts because the nature is beautiful, it’s very Jesus-y in its way and because it is sort of fucked up.


Why music videos are great, or: Solange – Losing you

Time to delve into the depth of the wonderfulness of music videos again. Especially since I am absolutely infatuated with the song and the video lately. So without further ado I give you: Beyoncé’s little sister! Yeah, that’s right, honey, Solange Knowles is my topic of choice today. Granted, her career has been burning a little less bright than that of her older sister, but that don’t mean that girl cannot do right, right?
So let us take a look at a video that put her on a lot more people’s radars in 2012: Losing You.

#1 – The song

Let’s start with an obvious reason: I love the song. But, and that is what is so great about the video, I wouldn’t really have noticed the song if it weren’t for the video. But because I liked the video so much, I actually listened to the song, and now I love it and of course that makes me love the video even more, period.

#2 – The setting

I really like where the scenes of the video are taking place, in front of that tailor’s container-shop, inside a small barely furnished living room, on the seats of a stadium… Perfect. Probably because many of the settings – especially the scene in the little bus – take me back to my trip to Kenya in 2006 and the scenes that I encountered in Kibera, the slum-area of Nairobi. Plus, squeezing all the people into a small bus – very Matatu. The thing is, these settings are often associated with poverty and misery, but there is also infinite beauty in them, I think this video does a marvellous job of showing that.

#3 – The styling

Underlining the beauty of the setting is the fantastic styling of this video. The suits, the colors, the accessories, the hair, even down to the make-up – the styling in this video is just impeccable and I wish I had one of those bold-colored well-tailored suits to call it my own.

#4 – The dance moves

I love the beat of the song, and I love how all of Solange’s dance moves pick it up so effortlessly. I really especially dig the dance moves in front of the container towards the beginning of minute 3. The energy the dance exudes is incredible while still totally being in tune with the subdued nature of the whole song. It is just another layer of fantastic that has been put on top of the gorgeousness that is that video and I cannot help but shake my shoulders Solange-style now.
Also: the casualness with which she drops in and out of choreography. Love.

#5 – The category

What the hell is “the category?” Well, let me tell y’all, I love the video so much because it also reminds me of another video that I totally love and would have done an extra post on if it wouldn’t have fit so amazingly into this one: Janet Jackson’s ‘Got ‘til it’s gone.’ What the two videos share is not only being produced for awesome songs and two black female singers, but of course they share their celebration of black culture. In a very stylized way, mind you. I am fully aware of the fantasy-land quality of what is being depicted here, but nonetheless I appreciate the celebration of the positivity that is to be found within the black community. A sense of solidarity, a nod towards the history that influenced black culture and defined many of its styles, a sense of origin, of depicting places and areas that bear meaning for identification. Take it with a grain of salt though, I am not a black man, and I am unsure of how my appreciation of these videos resonate with black people and how easy I fall into the trap of buying romanticized versions of harsher realities here. Having said that, I still love both videos wholeheartedly, so here is Miss Janet:

“I’m not the one you should be making your enemy”

Why music videos are great, or: Paula’s Von Guten Eltern

Today I will introduce you to the wonders of German music. And German music videos. Which is just a way too blown up way of starting to talk about the German band Paula (that exists since 1997) and their 2001 single Von Guten Eltern (To Come of Good Stock, basically) which is a nice little tune (sorriez for not being able to dig up an English translation of the lyrics for you guys) with a fantastic music video. Which is really all it needs to get me blogging, so let’s get right to it.

#1 Pastel Colors
You have obviously not been closely following this blog (as if there were anything better to do…) if you do not know that I have UNDYING ETERNAL OVER THE MOON L.O.V.E. for pastel colors. And yes, my love comes in caps. Aren’t those pastel tones just too pretty? The whole thing lulls you in. How much fun it must have been to choose furniture, fashion and make up and blend it all into this pastel-colored domesticity-leaking nightmare dream? And have some blurry filter over it? Welcome to my life in ten years, ya’ll. Better learn to play an instrument.

#2 Polishing fruit
She is polishing the apple in her neatly arranged fruit basket. While this might be enough said already, I want to point out how very alien the notion of doing such a thing seems to me who is fundamentally incapable of keeping space he occupies tidy. Yet at the same time I am all like “right on!” and want to run and polish all bananas, pineapples and coconuts I can find.

#3 Those twins
They are like Alice (the wonderland type) and Tweedledum and Tweedledee (wonderland inhabitants) mixed into one, yes, actually, two. Parted hair, blue pastel outfits and creepy stares (and a bunny! Do not forget the bunny!) make for effective, ermh, screen-time. But seriously (haha, kidding) how much fun are they? And do you also wonder if they are identical or fraternal twins? Or maybe not even twins at all? I bet five Tatooine Shillings on fraternal twins. Anyone take me on?

#4 Eating chocolates
Eating chocolates is in itself one of the most awesome concepts in the whole wide universe, of course. Eating them on your bed because you’re pastel-colored world is just a tad too much to bear and stuffing way to many at the same time into your singing mouth – BEAUTIFUL! People everywhere should just lock themselves into their bedrooms and stuff themselves with way too many chocolates from time to time. The world would be a better place. And yeah, it totally has to do with all the guilt and shame that follows.

#5 Ending with the smiling girl
Okay, technically it ends on a metronome, but you get my point, right before that. Now if you had a withered stone-cold little heart – like me – you could come to think that the blissful picture painted in this video is full of irony and critical commentary. Yeah, I know, GASP!! How could you even, what the, I can’t, even. So while this is thus firmly established as fact, what better way to melt our hearts into pools of joy and happiness by ending on a cute young girl smiling full on and close up in the camera? No better way says I, and feel like the world is such a wonderful place.

Wenn man sich gut benimmt, hat man sich wieder lieb.

So, let us discuss Florence + the Machine’s racist new music video

Urgh, Florence, here I was just praising your new album and raving on about how awesome it is and how awesome you are and then you pull such a stunt? Speaking of course of your new music video for the next Ceremonials single No light, No light.

If you cannot watch the above video for whatever reason, you can also click THIS LINK to view it.

It is painful, because I wanna believe that Florence + the Machine are just awesome people, totally aware of the pitfalls of language and imagery and avoiding them because they too are fighting for a greater good (great question to ask at this point: Alex, do you think you are fighting for a greater good?). Having to accept first of all that one of the songs on the album that I like less is being picked as second single is one thing. Having to sit through the accompanying music video is a whole other.

Cause damn, girl, this is fucked up.
I was uncomfortable watching this even when I still thought that there was going to be a twist and it turns out that the black guy is actually her boyfriend and it’ll all be good. But no. Turns out the only black guy in the video happens not only to be the only one to get to dance, ermh, wildly? Savagely? Threateningly? But he is actually also physically hunting poor young white girl (oh, Florence….) and threatening her. But rest assured, no harm will come, because: young white boys as priests in a church! Which is an image to trigger a whole ‘nother discussion of its own, but of course we don’t stop there. Because after so much threatening Mister Black Guy (Voodoo! of course!) the final moments of the video are spent in her very white boyfriend’s arms. Phew, poor viewers, there you were, all afraid that poor white Florence might have to get into any sort of contact with the black dude, but luckily all ends stereotypically bad well and white girl ends up with white dude and the dancing black guy was nothing but a nightmare for white society Florence. Ok, so now you try to defend the thing to me and not burst out laughing because of all the racist bullshit that is going on here. I dare you. I fucking do.

And all of that would be bad enough, but is it just me, or is there some serious Blackface happening in this video? I am not entirely sure, but my advanced google search gold has turned up some more voices ascertaining that the guy being the black dude in the video is actually not black in real life but was painted black for the clip. Which, I mean, damn. No. There are fuck-up limits you should not cross, and seriously, Blackface is about as bad as it can get. How can I keep talking about how awesome Florence + the Machine supposedly are when obviously no one involved in this multi-thousand dollar endeavour puts up her_his hand and goes: Excuse me, isn’t this racist imagery? Shouldn’t we reconsider? Isn’t the narrative just reinforcing racist and potentially dangerous stereotypes?
Because hell no, there is no excuse for all of what goes on in the No light, no light video, and first and foremost the whole “it’s art” thing is no argument on substantial ground.

I was so hoping to see even the slightest hint of a meta-level in this video, some suggestion that the clip-makers were aware of what was going on and trying to subvert it, but subversion did not show. I really whish this video would not have been produced in the first place, but now I am really just waiting for shit to hit the fan hard. Let’s see what Florence + the Machine will answer to that (and please: let it not be utter bullshit).

Why music videos are great, or: Kimbra – Cameo Lover

Don’t we all know it: being absolutely obsessed with one single song for no apparent reason whatsoever? We do. Alas! I got reasons, mind you. Cause it’s fun and life and love affirming and all. Speaking of course of:
Cameo Lover. Miss Kimbra an me, we do not have a story. I was aware of her existence and her single Settle Down which didn’t overly settle with me (heehee). This one though….
I cannot even try to express the love I feel for the song alone. When I think of the expression “music in my heart” I think of this: a song I totally love, that rings in my head a whole day and – you may laugh all you want – gives me confidence because it, urgh, I really don’t know, but it boosts my confidence level and general positivity (even though it doesn’t even have to be a positive song). Blah blah what?
Yep, the video is very amazing too. Here’s why:

#1 The Girls.
Hugs for Kimbra, but how awesome are her dancing girls here? Apart from that killer choreography… Just the way they look and how they all kinda don’t match but then again match very well. From the ridiculous hair to the pastel-colored-outfits (applause to stylist Sarah Banger) they make my heart swell. And to praise the choreography once more: I especially love love love when they do the whole tambourine thingy.

#2 The Boys.
Now there, guys, don’t you worry. Cause I likes you too! Cause Kimbra’s being all semi-metaphorical here with the stern boys blindfolded cause their little hearts have to be opened up first. And cheesy as I am I of course totally dig it. The color-swap, the minimal finger-dance choreography, even the final reveal when love interest no. 1’s blindfold comes off. Oh, gender-juxtapositions, what have you done to me?

#3 The Colors.
Now there, everything that tries to go symbolic on our asses with colors and in the process engages the whole rainbow is a WIN in my book. Seriously, I freaking love it. All black suits turn to colourful chair-dancing gents and the pastels of the girls’ outfits and all in front of that bright white background and my heart is about to stop and my head about to explode cause damnit, this whole color-scheming is right down my alley. Therefore major shout-outs for production designer Sally Addinsall and colorist Christine Dobson.

#4 The Dress.
And how could I discuss girls, boys and colors without mentioning The Dress. Oh, I am a hundred percent that when you look at it in real life it’ll suck abominably but on camera this is the million dollar dress, baby. The pink, the yellow, the shape, the fifty-ness of it, everything comes together perfectly. Heck, I even love how it is incorporated into the choreography in terms of shape and wriggling her arms around that.

#5 The Direction.
And all of what I’ve mentioned so far owes its debt to the fuckingly fantastic direction, which is really ah-mah-zingg!! The cinematography (by Edward Goldner) is flawless, the choreography is stellar, the camera movement is engaging, the editing brings the suspense, mood fits song and song fits visuals and in the middle of it all Miss Kimbra being made a star, because one director (Guy Franklin) in this world cared about what he did. Not that others don’t, but allow me some grandeurish pathos here.

Every day’s like talking in your sleep.

Why music videos are great, or: Björk’s All is full of love

Björk is of course known as a pioneer when it comes to music videos. There is a huge variety to pick from, but of all her videos there is one that stands out and has probably single-handedly cemented her status as music video avant-garde, and that is of course All is full of love. Accompanying one of her Homogenic singles it was directed by none other than Chris Cunningham who thereby cemented his status as an avant-garde music video director.
My top 5 why this video rules after the clip.

#1 The Björk-Robots.
I mean, just look at them. This was when? 1999? And although theoretically I know that even earlier than that awesome CGI was possible, it is still stunning to see how well done the two Robots with their Björk faces are.

#2 Robot Love.
More fascinating than the Robots looking like Björk is of course the fact that these two robots make love. The brilliance of the concept of the video is that it takes the whole issue of love as a human emotion and applies it to machines, which (who) are usually not supposed to feel that way. And not only that, they are actually casually questioning all our human assumptions about what it takes to be in love and make love by presenting two robots that look alike, have no real distinguishable gender and are not supposed to have a procreative instinct. So, basically, the video slaps conservative assumptions about gender roles and why people should have sex in the face and says: haha, suckers, all is full of love. Deal with it. Other than that, it is also kinda funny to think of robots making love and then the whole thing looking like two humans doing it. Cause: why?

#3 The Hand.
Speaking of the sexy time in this video, just how cute is the hand of one robot going down to supposedly genital regions and adjusting things? Very.
Also: the porn-sequence preceding it. Would totally be x-rated if these were actual human beings.
And bodily fluids are exchanged, without these bodies actually producing fluids, of course.
Awww, the absurdity of it!

#4 The Outro.
I used to dislike the outro when I was younger, cause I wanted to see more robots, but I appreciate it now. Slowly moving away from “the action” all the while giving us Alienesque visuals that suggest that supposedly inorganic machines are actually very organically intertwined.

#5 Makes me love the song.
Music videos are really doing their job if they make you like the song they’re featuring. And granted, in itself, All is full of love is not that fascinating or mind blowing. It really is the video, that takes my appreciation of the song to a whole new level. Well done, video!
(admittedly, the video version is slightly different from the album version…)

Why music videos are great, or: Gwen Stefani’s What You Waiting For?

Remember the days when the media liked to predict that Gwen Stefani would be the next Madonna? Well, they were wrong, someone else took that spot. But actually, Mrs. Stefani seemed to be embarking on an extraordinary solo-career. Now, we are all just waiting for her to finally release the next No Doubt album that we’ve been promised. But let’s not be too dismissive and take a look at what “started” her solo-career: The brilliant video for What You Waiting For?, the lead-single of her “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” (yes, barf) album. My top 5 resons for loving this video after the clip.

#1 The Song.
Obviously. Or not so much? Gwen Stefani is a peculiar case, especially considering her solo career. Peculiar, because I really want to like what she does, but with her two solo-albums only the lead-singles blew me away. What you Waiting for? is an amazing unapologetic pop-gem, but the rest of the singles and the album were kinda blah IMHO. And the same goes for her sophomore album. Wind it up was an awesome lead-single, but everything afterwards just disappointed me. Well, at least there are the lead-singles, right?
Oh, and referring to yourself as a stupid ho is always a plus in my book, even if you, dear reader, cannot hear it, cause I could only find a clean version of the vid. Sorriez.

#2 The Extended Version.
Oh, isn’t it just nice to see artists caring about their music videos? And then actually making a short movie out of it? I love the narrative spin on the video with the extended version, where she not only comments on the theme of the song herself (getting her career started….or is it really about having children? Ha!), but where she sets up the whole fantasy-journey that happens in the “actual” music video. And I just love how “let’s get straight to business” the two women working in the writer’s block clinic or whatever are. Major props also to how many of the situations feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable and how Gwen Stefani totally looks like Courtney Love when she’s in the water.
Please pay particular attention to the questionnaire!

#3 Alice in Wonderland.
Do you remember the Alice in Wonderland version by Tim Burton? Well, when I first heard about him doing the movie I was hoping for visuals like that. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I thought the visuals were horrible, too dark (as in: not visible) most of the time, and really overall just uninspired. This video on the other hand: crisp clear, stunning and still trippy enough to make you follow the rabbit. Even if he’s real tiny and pink. Couldn’t the Tim Burton thing be a little more like Gwen’s video? Time travellers: pretty please?

#4 The Costumes.
Part of why the visuals are so amazing is because the outfits in What You Waiting For? are. Gwen Stefani has been labelled style-icon so many times it makes me wanna puke, and really, most of the time she doesn’t strike me as particularly cutting edge, but in this very video her passion for fashion and the Alice in Wonderland narrative blend together extremely well. John Galliano, though. Ugh, I know.
And then some extra special points for her studio outfit with that yellow top, cause that is really beautiful, though non-Alice related.
(And yes: major props to the make-up department as well!)

#5 The Randomness.
The sheer randomness of the concept of Alice in Wonderland. How exactly does it relate to the song? Apparently not at all. Of course we could go into a whole discussion of how the Alice theme of growing up and leaving childhood fantasies behind relates to Gwen “graduating” to a solo-artist with a respectable career, but I leave it to you to write the essay on that.

And because we like it so much, here is some further insight into the making of this video:

Why music videos are great, or: Janet Jackson’s Whoops Now

Time for another instalment in my self-indulgent series of talking about what music videos I love love love for no other reason than me being able to because I say so. Ha! Haters to the left….
Whatevs…. y’all might be sayin’, just give us the damn thing and your Top 5 reasons why you love love love it. What you waiting for?

#1 Whoops now
Always a good reason to like a music video is because you like the song. In this particular case the song is really the main reason why this video makes it into the series. By Janet Jackson standards it’s certainly not the most ambitious nor necessarily the best music video she’s done, but the song is one of her best IMHO, so you gotta deal with that. I love the “Jenny from the Block”-ness of it, as in: hell yeah, I’m an international superstar in the early 90s, but folks, I know what it’s like to have to go to work at the office instead of spending quality time with my friends on the weekend. As if…. And then being on Jet-Skis and all that rich-kids-shit. But still, Janet convinces me more of keeping it real than Jenny, probably because Janet never really had it really real, so her version of real is always a sugar-coated nipple-free fun world. Or whatever.
Lil’ fun fact: The first single from the very same album “That’s the way love goes” features Jennifer Lopez as a dancer in the music video.
Another lil’ fun fact: The song itself isn’t credited on the album art, since it’s a hidden track. But being one of the best on the album they made it a single nevertheless. I’m glad bout that.

#2 This shirt
Ok, no.1 was wordy. So let’s shorten this point a little. Just look at this shirt. It’s a pink polo-shirt with turquoise trimming. Heehee, what? Obviously no stylist whatsoever was working on that project and thanks to that we have that atrocity of 90s fashion to remind us how very human even Ms. Jackson can be. The next point will prove it.

#3 The hair
Oh ma gaaaawd, that hair. If you ever wondered what decade that thing was filmed in and the shirt didn’t give it away, look no further. In German we call it Bumspalme, which can’t be translated nearly as eloquently but actually suggests that it’s a hairdo meant for sex. In a non-erotic, look-down-upon-it kinda way. But, as terrible as it is, how cute is it at the same time? With that shirt? Oh, those 90s. They sure knew how to fuck up style back then.

#4 Ms. Jackson
Simply a beautiful black woman, out with her friends, having fun in the sun. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little creeped out by how she looks like that nowadays, which indicates that nothing about her face has aged naturally. That’s kinda sad, we can discuss this another day. That’s not to say she hasn’t had any work done by the time of the video, but since we don’t even remember her face before any nose-job, cheek-job or xx-job we take it as basically au natural, ok? And as such, here she is: A beautiful black woman, distinctively less whitewashed than in other videos or photo-spreads. A sharp reminder of what pop-culture does to color without us even noticing most of the time.

#5 private footage/music video
Now, I don’t believe for a second that any shot in that video wasn’t explicitly set up for the music vid, but since it’s done well, it doesn’t feel like it, it looks really like Ms. Jackson would be taking her vacation with a bunch of friends. What I particularly like about the direction and editing is how the parts where she’s actually singing the lyrics blend in seamlessly, even though they clearly indicate that this is no ex-boyfriend-held-the-camera-for-private-fun shoot, but a professional music video. But the effect of the casualness is very well done, and I appreciate that.

Sorry, I can’t go.

Why Music Videos are great, or: Lily Allen’s The Fear

Although it is officially Alien month on this blog, methinks, there needs to be a little diversity. Like, my gazillion of readers are craving something other than good old Alien posts once in a while. Do not worry, children, I’ve got something in store for you.

I decided to re-visit a category that I created with talking about Adele’s Rolling in the Deep music video. Today it is going to be about Lily Allen’s The Fear though, and despite it not being a current release, it very much deserves to be blogged about. The video first:

And now for the 5 reasons why this video is awesome:

#1 – the song
Like, okay, music videos can be great even if the songs kinda stink, but often that works not to their advantage. In this case there is nothing to fear (haha, pun), cause this song is fucking genius. Musically and specially lyrically, this one just gets me. “Life’s about filmstars and less about mothers, it’s more about fast cars and cussin’ each other” – come the fuck on. If this is not angels singing in your ear, then what is effin’ wrong with you? I might be biased, ok.

#2 – the beginning
The beginning of the video is so good because it is so random, the way the camera finds her, how she delivers these wonderful lyrics (“I wanna be rich and I want lots of money, I don’t care about clever, I don’t care about funny”), how the trailer is just this hilarious little trailer, how she hops out and runs back in and all about it is forgotten, cause the rest of the video takes place in that castle. Love it!

#3 – the color palette
Pastels galore. I mean, all these colors come in shades that are so far from aggression and anything loud that it soothes me into believing that Lily Allen could be anything else than a famewhorish alcoholic. To be fair, she is certainly more than that, but at some point in her life, those two aspects seemed pretty characteristic. But I digress. Throwing subdued pinks and blues and yellows in my face is one big plus in Alex’s book of things he loves.

#4 – the dress
Ha! That dress. Beautiful.

#5 – Miri-Piri
That is really a very obscure reference and uninteresting to probably all of humankind now and then, but the whole look and song and all totally remind me of a friend of mine, that whenever I see the vid I kind of have to think of her and how she’d like it and kinda is like that.

There you are, praise it!

cause it's so cute: the dress, by PPQ spring/summer09, via

Why Music Videos are great, or: Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

Many of my teenage years were spent longing for the chance to watch the German music TV channel VIVA (let alone VIVA2), and compensating by watching MTV or VH1, all the while taping those Music Videos on VHS tapes. Yeah, before all  that internet stuff and DVD junk. These were the days…

Well, glad that they are over, people still make good music and good music videos (yeah, IMHO).

One fine example is the latest single of Adele called “Rolling in the Deep”. Comparisons are shitty, but I’ll still gor for it, she somehow strikes me as a mixture of Beth Ditto and Amy Winehouse. So, there. Her first album got her one or multiple Grammys (I’m just too lazy to look it up) and was entitled 19 cause she was 19 when she released it. Her new album, of which “Rolling in the Deep” is the first single is named 21 because …. yeah, guess.

Two movies come to mind: Jurassic Park because of those water-filled glasses (T-Rex coming up the stairs in all probability), and Harry Potter, cause drummer-boy lives plays under the stairs.
Having a Samurai dance through white powder makes for good imagery, I note in the back of my head, and I grin like a moron at the wonderfulness that is the total waste of tableware, by throwing it against a screen and have it form a mountain of destruction. And just think about being the intern who had to build the paper-city, just to see it burned down. He probably cried for days in a row, that must have hurt.
I’m also fascinated by Adele’s hair, which is awesome, and her make-up, which kind of freaks me out, cause it looks so plastered on. I swear, in some shots her chin looks unreal to me, which is lightning and foundation playing tricks on my eye.

Maybe I forgot to mention: but I love love love this song. Playing it on repeat. Even in my head, hum it to myself in the subways. Cause we could have had it all. Rolling in the deep.