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Waffles on a Sunday

This last sunday was blessed with beautiful weather here in Berlin. I got up early, worked out, and then me and my flatmate went to the fleamarket in the Mauerpark. Afterwards I had to work ’til evening, but even that was fun, considering it was an event filled with nice people and colleagues in a good and playful mood. Then later I was treated to some good old Swabian Linsen with Spätzle (lentils with Swabian noodles) and even some sausage, vegetarian though, cause I don’t eat meat. Full as I was, I fell asleep while trying to watch a movie.

But what I want to post here is actually what we did right before hitting the fleamarket, namely visiting a café called “Glücklich am Park” on Kastanienallee, because I got a gift coupon for my birthday earlier this year. Big thank you to Carolin and Maren for that! We spent 10 Euros on three waffles and felt super-self-indulgent, which was good. We started with the one on the right in the picture above, with a fig-mint-curd sauce on top, and afterwards had a waffle with some raspberry sauce and whipped cream. Delish!

Our last waffle was topped with some vanilla-curd and a fruit salad. As you can see below, we had some interested table-guests, little sparrows, who were very intent on picking up all eventual crumbs.

And those two lovely giraffes are in this post, cause I spotted them on the fleamarket and I just love myself a good giraffe. Or two. So enjoy.