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DIY – Refurbishing a Small Hanging Cupboard

Well, happy new year to you, too!
About some time that something pops up on this god-forsaken blog in 2012.
Today I am going to invite you into the wonderful world of Do-it-yourself realness with a little refurbishing project.

“DIY” and “Refurbishing” may seem two terms a little far-fetched. I basically took the above pictured small hanging cupboard and made it prettier. So, yes, DIY and refurbishing was involved, but I did not put together a new couch from old wine caskets and vintage army clothes. Which I will probably never do. Anyhow, The cupboard you see is something I got for free over the internet via a german site called “alles-und-umsonst” (everything and for free) and thought it looked cute and would be nice on my wall and BAM! an idea was born.

This is how rough it looked at some stage. It admittedly looked a little better before I started working on it. One of the first things I did was taking off the four plastic hooks on the bottom of it.

And I painted them in colors that fit in with my imagined color-scheme of turquoise/blue-ish.

What I needed for this project – that took me unbelievably long to finish, not because of its difficulty but because of my neverending laziness – was a few simple things:
A) My hands:

B) Some sandpaper and a scraper:

Together I applied them to the cupboard and scraped and sanded off the white lacquer. This would have been so much easier with a machine – but maybe I wouldn’t have been as proud afterwards.

Afterwards I re-painted it in bright white and bought these bathroom-glass-tiles, which were meant for decorating the front door of the cupboard.

And thanks to the wonders of hot glue these little tiles, neatly fitting in with my color-scheme, were permanently applied to the cupboard door one square at a time.

I screwed the plastic hooks back in, applied some matching paint to the door-knob and put it up on my wall.
Voilà, behold it in all its decorated and decorative glory:

And what do we think of this?



DIY – Matchbox Advent Calendar

November just sneaked  in, so y’all are getting nervous, cause the hell, your sweethearts and kids all want advent calendars and it’s only one month left to get one. Do not despair, I am here to help. Actually, I am just about to throw the DIY advent calendar I made for my boyfriend last year in your face, in case you might wanna get inspired by it (which is of course totally what I hope for).

Step 1: Get inspired. I got my inspiration from the decoration-blog-sphere in the form of the picture below. I’d love to credit the source, but this pic has been slumbering on my harddrive forever and I can’t remember where I got it from. But my guess would be Decor8. To help you with step 1 this post right here exists.

Step 2: Assemble as many matchboxes as possible, preferably 24.

Getting matchboxes of different shapes can be fun. As can be the hunt. Take boxes from every bar you’re at, they usually give out free ones.

Step 3: Empty the matches in some other container – you’ll be set with matches for the coming years. They come in handy once you want to light all those christmas candles.

Step 4: Puzzle together the matchboxes in a tree-shape (we might also just call it triangle) and glue together each “floor” aka the horizontally in line ones first.

Step 5: Ok, admittdly my taking-pictures-of-steps-in-between skills are pretty shitty, cause after glueing together the “floors” wrap green fabric (or paper) around each “floor” and once done with that, glue all the “floors” together in previously laid out tree-shape.

Step 6: Decorate your matchbox tree. In my case I glued some buttons and button-like thingies on it, cause I got a huge jar of all sorts of buttons standing around and they make for pretty tree-decoration.
Decoration also includes putting numbers on each box. You can stamp them on, or handwrite or do whatever you like (press in Braille maybe?).
Step 7: Fill your matchbox advent calendar tree with all the wonders of the earth. Or candy. Which are of course not mutually exclusive concepts.

Step 8: Be extremely proud of youself. Well done!