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Meow, Batman.

So, finally it is out: the third Batman instalment in Christopher Nolan’s film-saga “Batman – The Dark Knight Rises” will feature Tom Hardy as intelligent super-villain Bane and even more important: CATWOMAN. Cat-effin’-woman, y’all, and behold: Anne Hathaway is gonna portray her.
I’m not overly enthusiastic, but methinks it’s a solid choice. Hathaway is a good actess with an interesting look, I think she can pull off an intersting interpretation of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Unlike someone called H. Berry we all know, who did a horrible job in a horrible movie that couldn’t even be saved by Sharon Stone’s plastic breasts (that got a feature all on their own later on…).
(c) by Justin van Genderen, click on the pic to get to his flickr

To get us all into the Batman spirit, I present the wonderful travel to comic destinations poster designed by Justin van Genderen. It is totally rad, and I totally want one. This is so what Gotham is supposed to look like. You can learn more about his designs and get to the online shop selling his prints by clicking here.


Of couse no post on Catwoman in a new Batman movie can be published without referencing a) the horrid standalone feature with Miss Berry (as seen above), and of course b) the wonderful portrayal by Michelle Pfeiffer in the wonderful “Batman Returns” directed by Tim Burton. Which is really my favorite of all them Batman movies for a variety of reasons, Catwoman being one. Any reincarnation has to pass the “Pfeiffer-test” for me, which basically means, she just has to grip me like that character did… Which is not going to be easy. Which is also why it is probably really good that Angelina Jolie did not get the part. Oh well.

To finish this insightful post on Catwoman-fandom-ness, I give you a pretty and minimalistic Catwoman print by Marco Recuero. Click on the image to learn more about it.

(c) Marco Recuero, click on the pic to get to his page