Why music videos are great, or: Paula’s Von Guten Eltern

Today I will introduce you to the wonders of German music. And German music videos. Which is just a way too blown up way of starting to talk about the German band Paula (that exists since 1997) and their 2001 single Von Guten Eltern (To Come of Good Stock, basically) which is a nice little tune (sorriez for not being able to dig up an English translation of the lyrics for you guys) with a fantastic music video. Which is really all it needs to get me blogging, so let’s get right to it.

#1 Pastel Colors
You have obviously not been closely following this blog (as if there were anything better to do…) if you do not know that I have UNDYING ETERNAL OVER THE MOON L.O.V.E. for pastel colors. And yes, my love comes in caps. Aren’t those pastel tones just too pretty? The whole thing lulls you in. How much fun it must have been to choose furniture, fashion and make up and blend it all into this pastel-colored domesticity-leaking nightmare dream? And have some blurry filter over it? Welcome to my life in ten years, ya’ll. Better learn to play an instrument.

#2 Polishing fruit
She is polishing the apple in her neatly arranged fruit basket. While this might be enough said already, I want to point out how very alien the notion of doing such a thing seems to me who is fundamentally incapable of keeping space he occupies tidy. Yet at the same time I am all like “right on!” and want to run and polish all bananas, pineapples and coconuts I can find.

#3 Those twins
They are like Alice (the wonderland type) and Tweedledum and Tweedledee (wonderland inhabitants) mixed into one, yes, actually, two. Parted hair, blue pastel outfits and creepy stares (and a bunny! Do not forget the bunny!) make for effective, ermh, screen-time. But seriously (haha, kidding) how much fun are they? And do you also wonder if they are identical or fraternal twins? Or maybe not even twins at all? I bet five Tatooine Shillings on fraternal twins. Anyone take me on?

#4 Eating chocolates
Eating chocolates is in itself one of the most awesome concepts in the whole wide universe, of course. Eating them on your bed because you’re pastel-colored world is just a tad too much to bear and stuffing way to many at the same time into your singing mouth – BEAUTIFUL! People everywhere should just lock themselves into their bedrooms and stuff themselves with way too many chocolates from time to time. The world would be a better place. And yeah, it totally has to do with all the guilt and shame that follows.

#5 Ending with the smiling girl
Okay, technically it ends on a metronome, but you get my point, right before that. Now if you had a withered stone-cold little heart – like me – you could come to think that the blissful picture painted in this video is full of irony and critical commentary. Yeah, I know, GASP!! How could you even, what the, I can’t, even. So while this is thus firmly established as fact, what better way to melt our hearts into pools of joy and happiness by ending on a cute young girl smiling full on and close up in the camera? No better way says I, and feel like the world is such a wonderful place.

Wenn man sich gut benimmt, hat man sich wieder lieb.


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