Do you have what it takes to be an All Star? ANTM’s cycle 17

What is going on with this blog? Next week we hit the final episode of America’s Next Topmodel Cycle 17 and there has as of yet not been a single post on it. Seriously?


Well, y’all, lemme change that. Cause we just crossed an important line this past Wednesday: Laura went home. Sweet, country bumpkin, loveable Laura. Runner up of the “short cycle” 13, which IMHO stands out as one of the most awesome cycles in ANTM history, since basically all of the top 5 back then were awesome and having Nicole win was good, but so would have been Laura, and everyone was nice, yadda yadda. Well now, Laura had to leave the All Star Cycle, where they are recycling those who did not win the first time around but got stuck on our collective consciousness for some reason or other.


Talking about the memorability of some of this cycle’s constestants: questionable, I admit. There are no-brainers, of course, Lisa is most certainly one of them, as are Alexandria and Isis for very different reasons. Shannon was an ok choice, and she really pushed her trademark “no underwear, just swimsuits” thingy this cycle (which naturally made me want to slap her cross her righteous face – not to mention her breakdown being faced with a black woman who speaks up for what she wants). But Britanny? Camille? And Bre? Instead of those three I would have liked to see some Toccara (cycle 3), Jade (cycle 6) or Fo (cycle 11). But arguably, it breaks down to personal preferences and most of the ones chosen for this season are memorable characters in their own unique ways.


I have to talk about Kayla of course, since on my very first ANTM post here on this blog (linked HERE), I raved about how I wanted her to win. And my intitial reaction this time was: Kayla for the win! Well, she’s been out of the race for some weeks now, but that’s ok with me. What the All Star Cycle does, is to really show the standout personalities the show has to offer. And though I love Kayla, love her looks and wish her all the best, she felt kinda stale and safe after a few weeks with the other contestants.


This cycle is pretty outstanding in the amount of BS is brings in terms of photoshoots and videos. Suffering through fake music videos and Tyra’s Modelland film editorial in the last episode make me want to demand getting paid for watching this nonsense. And seriously, Tyra’s Modelland novel is a bestseller? This sound like the whackiest concept for the shittiest novel ever in all of humankind’s history. Photoshoots with a reality TV star theme (Nene? Snookie?)? WTF? Posing as Micheal Jackson? Though I do admit, hearing LaToya’s giggling makes up for basically everything. And then there is the god-awful group picture for the end-credits and the god-awful opening credits a.k.a. Avril Lavigne as Tyra’s brainchild (not to mention here cringeworthy attempts at bringing the cutesy dumb).


But, all the hate of course fades in the glory of what the show brings. Ha, not that I needed a reason to watch ANTM, I love it especially because it leaves so many open spaces for severe and harsh criticism. But I also love it for just what it is: a fluff world of adolescent dreams of becoming some sort of celebrity solely based on how well you photograph and how well people on some random judging panel like you.


The invisible line we crossed in last week’s episode is the fact that Laura winning the thing would have been the perfect outcome. But she is out of the race now and admittedly, I am very happy with the top three, I think they all deserve it.
Angelea, cause she is the underdog, cause girl is underestimated and underestimates herself but obviously has potential for greatness (and tons of drama). Allison is just Allison, how could one not like her? Her introverted, shy, artsy thing with the creepy big eyes – priceless.
But I will not deny, one of those two winning would be awesome because out of the left field, however: Lisa. Lisa D’Amato pushes a lot of people’s buttons in all the wrong ways, but I have always liked her and she is most certainly one of the most memorable ANTM contestants to have ever been on the show. And let’s face it, she has the package they are looking for and if one of those girls is designed to win this cycle, it is most certainly her. Which brings me to conclude: I would be surprised to not see her win it, but I would not be sad. They all deserve it, and that is more than I usually expect of an ANTM cycle.

Who is your bet for the win?


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