Don’t be blue, just ’cause you be puttin’ a business outfit together!

There are a few things that the city of Frankfurt (am Main) here in Germany is known for:
a) the sausages named after it, b) it being the only city in Germany with a real skyline, c) its international airport which is the major airport in Germany, d) its status as a city for fairs, and e) being Germany’s financial center.
Since the beginning of October you can add f) to this list, that would be me pursuing an internship here.

I won’t bother you with the gruesome details, but I will bother you with my quest for the perfect business outfit. Because mind you, gentlemen and gentleladies, the days of Alex the outfit-slob are over, arriveth the days of Alex the outfit-snob!
Or rather, everyone here in Frankfurt wears suits. Or business outfits. Well, business outfits that are suits or at least look like suits. My point being: I need business outfits! (Cause face it, when you think of me, you think of business, right?)
First off, a shirt is the mandatory item for any business outfit, right? Right. Thus:

These three beauties are all from McGregor New York, who are celebrating their 90th birthday (which you can learn more about HERE if you want to) this very year. You can get to their online shop by clicking HERE or any of the above pictures.
I love the collar of the first one, and the light blue. I am also a big fan of the chequered blue and white one in the second picture, but I love the last one. Love the Paisley pattern on the inside, love the shades of blue.
Which obviously brings me to the central color of this outfit search: BLUE. Cause why? Cause blue, you know, is not black, nor is it grey, it is not as reserved, yet not far out there. And I just happen to be loving blue clothing at the moment.
Like for example these two neckties I recently purchased:

Which would go amazingly well with this McGregor suede belt

that just happens to be (kinda) similar to one I recently purchased in a thrift shop (I’m luxuriously cheap, y’all!):

Shirts and ties and belts are fine and all, but dudes need proper jackets to make their business outfits work, and luckily McGregor’s Distinction collection helps me out there as well with these two neat choices.

So here, I’d choose the one on the right over the one on the left, because this is SERIOUS BUSINESS after all, so to at least pretend to be seriously businessy the right one wins.

You guessed it, shoes. Once again I turn to McGregor Fashion New York, that is where they’re from, and adapt their goodies to my Frankfurt hood a.k.a. dream about incorporating these into my imaginary business ensemble. Cause pretty they are. Very.

Now, this is all very nice and good, you all might be saying, but isn’t this a tad too safe? You might not be all too mistaken, respond I to this, so I will wear this jacket designed by Yigal Azrouel over it all to give it a little more edge:


Now, I’m ready for business. Corporate world, here I come (nicely dressed).


3 thoughts on “Don’t be blue, just ’cause you be puttin’ a business outfit together!

    1. Dearest Ms. B, I’m afraid you have to take my word on this one. I was thinking about producing photographic evidence or just throw in some collage of what I presented with my badly photoshopped head on it, but ultimately my litmitless lazyness prevented it.

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