Why music videos are great, or: Kimbra – Cameo Lover

Don’t we all know it: being absolutely obsessed with one single song for no apparent reason whatsoever? We do. Alas! I got reasons, mind you. Cause it’s fun and life and love affirming and all. Speaking of course of:
Cameo Lover. Miss Kimbra an me, we do not have a story. I was aware of her existence and her single Settle Down which didn’t overly settle with me (heehee). This one though….
I cannot even try to express the love I feel for the song alone. When I think of the expression “music in my heart” I think of this: a song I totally love, that rings in my head a whole day and – you may laugh all you want – gives me confidence because it, urgh, I really don’t know, but it boosts my confidence level and general positivity (even though it doesn’t even have to be a positive song). Blah blah what?
Yep, the video is very amazing too. Here’s why:

#1 The Girls.
Hugs for Kimbra, but how awesome are her dancing girls here? Apart from that killer choreography… Just the way they look and how they all kinda don’t match but then again match very well. From the ridiculous hair to the pastel-colored-outfits (applause to stylist Sarah Banger) they make my heart swell. And to praise the choreography once more: I especially love love love when they do the whole tambourine thingy.

#2 The Boys.
Now there, guys, don’t you worry. Cause I likes you too! Cause Kimbra’s being all semi-metaphorical here with the stern boys blindfolded cause their little hearts have to be opened up first. And cheesy as I am I of course totally dig it. The color-swap, the minimal finger-dance choreography, even the final reveal when love interest no. 1’s blindfold comes off. Oh, gender-juxtapositions, what have you done to me?

#3 The Colors.
Now there, everything that tries to go symbolic on our asses with colors and in the process engages the whole rainbow is a WIN in my book. Seriously, I freaking love it. All black suits turn to colourful chair-dancing gents and the pastels of the girls’ outfits and all in front of that bright white background and my heart is about to stop and my head about to explode cause damnit, this whole color-scheming is right down my alley. Therefore major shout-outs for production designer Sally Addinsall and colorist Christine Dobson.

#4 The Dress.
And how could I discuss girls, boys and colors without mentioning The Dress. Oh, I am a hundred percent that when you look at it in real life it’ll suck abominably but on camera this is the million dollar dress, baby. The pink, the yellow, the shape, the fifty-ness of it, everything comes together perfectly. Heck, I even love how it is incorporated into the choreography in terms of shape and wriggling her arms around that.

#5 The Direction.
And all of what I’ve mentioned so far owes its debt to the fuckingly fantastic direction, which is really ah-mah-zingg!! The cinematography (by Edward Goldner) is flawless, the choreography is stellar, the camera movement is engaging, the editing brings the suspense, mood fits song and song fits visuals and in the middle of it all Miss Kimbra being made a star, because one director (Guy Franklin) in this world cared about what he did. Not that others don’t, but allow me some grandeurish pathos here.

Every day’s like talking in your sleep.


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