Lame Excuses! For Free!

You’re welcome. For my lame excuse that I am about to present to you as to why NOT THAT MUCH is happening on this very blog lately.
Turns out Mr. Me has to act all adult and pursue an internship. I will not bore you with the gruesome details, but suffice it to say that moi gets even lazier than usual when moi’s ass returns to the apartment in the evening feeling like this:

Heehee. Loved this one for like ever. In case you’re wondering, it’s by the wonderful AK Tettenborn. You can find it here, but the fantastic Fudge That Sugar blog is discontinued. Luckily she is still active over at Twice Shy (click HERE).

In the meantime, no tears, kids, I will force myself to post something this very week!
Ta-Dah! There was a promise, just made from scratch. I’ll try to be more regular, so you don’t have to. Not that this even makes any sense.

And out.


5 thoughts on “Lame Excuses! For Free!

    1. I highly recommend checking the rest of her comics out. Not only is she astonishingly hilarious but also extremely spot on with basically anything she draws and writes.

      And thanks a lot for the like! 😉

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