Female Fashion Forecast: Rainbow Candy Wrappers

Obviously, ladies, this is the blog you turn to in search for foolproof fashion advice. Duh. Clear as a crystal in its see-through phase.
Ever willing to please the market and supply your vocal demands I predict two fashion trends for women that are absolutely inescapable this coming season/next year/decade/you name it.

Prediction no.1: Candy Wrappers

via britishelectronicmusic.co.uk

Yes, dear readerettes, take a good hard look at the image above, cause that is what’s coming. You don’t believe me? Pah, sayeth moi, let Christopher Kane (spring/summer 2012) tell you how it is.

via coutequecoute.de

Unimpressed? Don’t worry, Alexander McQueen (spring/summer 2012) is here to convince you.

via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de

And just in case you don’t believe it yet, Gareth Pugh (spring/summer 2012) my ladies, with a little bit of Alien thrown in there, to Sigourneyze your viewing pleasure.

via coutequecoute.de

And if you are wondering how to accessorize yourself: this:

via i-do-it-yourself.com

Prediction no. 2: Rainbows

Really, there isn’t much to say. Take water, sunlight, and the spectre of colors and voilà: fashion goes all rainbow on your ass. Sweet. Not in a candy way, but ermh colorful. Anyways: yet again Christopher Kane (spring/summer 2012).

via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de

Meanwhile, back at the lab….
I am just stealing this Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2012 dress to die in/use it as a blanket/feel like a princess

via coutequecoute.de

while I’m secretely wondering how I’ll best incorporate the following into my oh-so-masculine wardrobe.

via coutequecoute.de
via coutequecoute.de

And yes, of course it is the spring/summer collection 2012 of Dries van Noten. But you girls don’t have to mind that one at all, cause you’ll be busy collecting them candy wrappers to get a cheap dress and infuse them colors in your not-yet-rainbow wardrobe.

You heard it here first. For what it’s worth.


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