Why music videos are great, or: Björk’s All is full of love

Björk is of course known as a pioneer when it comes to music videos. There is a huge variety to pick from, but of all her videos there is one that stands out and has probably single-handedly cemented her status as music video avant-garde, and that is of course All is full of love. Accompanying one of her Homogenic singles it was directed by none other than Chris Cunningham who thereby cemented his status as an avant-garde music video director.
My top 5 why this video rules after the clip.

#1 The Björk-Robots.
I mean, just look at them. This was when? 1999? And although theoretically I know that even earlier than that awesome CGI was possible, it is still stunning to see how well done the two Robots with their Björk faces are.

#2 Robot Love.
More fascinating than the Robots looking like Björk is of course the fact that these two robots make love. The brilliance of the concept of the video is that it takes the whole issue of love as a human emotion and applies it to machines, which (who) are usually not supposed to feel that way. And not only that, they are actually casually questioning all our human assumptions about what it takes to be in love and make love by presenting two robots that look alike, have no real distinguishable gender and are not supposed to have a procreative instinct. So, basically, the video slaps conservative assumptions about gender roles and why people should have sex in the face and says: haha, suckers, all is full of love. Deal with it. Other than that, it is also kinda funny to think of robots making love and then the whole thing looking like two humans doing it. Cause: why?

#3 The Hand.
Speaking of the sexy time in this video, just how cute is the hand of one robot going down to supposedly genital regions and adjusting things? Very.
Also: the porn-sequence preceding it. Would totally be x-rated if these were actual human beings.
And bodily fluids are exchanged, without these bodies actually producing fluids, of course.
Awww, the absurdity of it!

#4 The Outro.
I used to dislike the outro when I was younger, cause I wanted to see more robots, but I appreciate it now. Slowly moving away from “the action” all the while giving us Alienesque visuals that suggest that supposedly inorganic machines are actually very organically intertwined.

#5 Makes me love the song.
Music videos are really doing their job if they make you like the song they’re featuring. And granted, in itself, All is full of love is not that fascinating or mind blowing. It really is the video, that takes my appreciation of the song to a whole new level. Well done, video!
(admittedly, the video version is slightly different from the album version…)


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