Be a man! And wear bold yellow.

Obviously, the most depressing aspect about fashion and its relation to the world is how out there some designs are, how much “in your face” they can be, yet still be totally amazing and yet, when I step out on the street all I see 99.9% of all guys wear is the same old jeans and t-shirt/sweater in blue and black routine. I don’t want to hate on it, but given the sad occurences of those types hating on everything that’s color and texture and shape and non-box-y, I indulge in a little “blah, how boring…LOOK AT THIS!”
And so yep, there is your reason for this post.


“Bold” colors. That could basically be any color, just make it bright and use it in unusual places. And no, Ed Hardy does not count for unusuality (yay, new word!). In this post I would like to a personal favorite of mine: Yellow. Totally underrated when it comes to fashion, so let the above casual outfit by Calvin Klein from his spring/summer 2012 collection, and the below picture of a beautiful suit from Roberto Cavalli’s spring 2012 collection remind you why exactly yellow is so awesomely handsome.


To give you something a little more out there I present you two outfits of Walter Van Beirendonck’s latest spring/summer 2012 collection. And yeah, the second one is not yellow, but from a technical point of view there is a lot of yellow in green so yadda yadda… just admit that the outfits are fantastic!


Hell to the Yes also to this nice ensemble as seen on the runway for Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2012 show:


And to wrap this post up I’ll just throw all these inspirations together, stir them in a style-pot and smear’em on myself. Voilà:

via my own crappy camera

Are you already grabbing your yellow hat to match it with your turqoise manskirt? Yes, please.


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