Anniversary! Me, all over the place is now 1 year old!

Can you even belive it? Cause I sure can’t.
25 August 2010 I started this whole blog-thingy and now one year past that point I can celebrate the anniversary with my 100th post! I’d say: what a coincidence, but really, I had to kick myself a little extra in the butt that it really became post #100. And yeah, how cool is that?

Me, all over this post

Care for some statistics? Lemme break it down for y’all:
1 year.
100 posts.
2 subscribers (you guys rock!!).
5 comment subscribers.
20 facebook followers.
8941 views in total until now, equalling
24 views per day on average
93 views on my busiest day, 14 June 2011.
1 happy blogger.

One year ago I was sick and glued to my couch at home, having toyed with the idea of starting a blog for some time I finally said: what the fuck? and just started one on wordpress. So here I was, and while I was very ambitious in the beginning realism has kicked in a little. Meaning: One post a day is just nothing I an handle. Also: Limiting my word count especially on reviews is something I struggle with (and always lose that struggle, mind you). Nevertheless, I of course love it and intend to continue. Even intend to to so more regularly, cause really, lazy-ass me.

I’d say I have three personal highlights when it comes to this blog in the past year.

#1 would be my “Alien is February month” scheme for february 2011, becuase there I really challenged myself to create meaningful output within a tight schedule and managed to make clear to myself why I love the Alien series to much and what I think about underlying issues.

#2 would be the fact that this blog even attracted corporate interest, which is something I’d never have thought in a million years, cause: really? This little corner of the interwebz?

#3 would be the comments I get from people on some of my posts. Some are just one-time comments, others comment regularly, and be assured: I appreciate them all and am giddy with excitement when somebody likes my posts, or re-blogs them, or posts them on facebook, or as I’ve said above, just comments on them and shares his or her thoughts on the issues at hand. Thank you so much!

Me, all over the lower part of this post

I’m planning on doing more monthly themes, but it always means a lot of work, so we’ll see how that plan works. I definitely intend to post more movie reviews in the near future, so I hope I won’t get lazy. I’ve been planning to to a comic re-read and a TV-series rewatch regularly for some time now, but as of yet I won’t give away which comic and what show, heehee. I’ve always intended to post some DIY stuff on the blog, but so far the DIY lags behind schedule and thus no posting happened yet. Argh, I’ll just come up with something, don’t you worry.


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