Top Ten list of places I’d like to be at right now

Granted, I could also just say that this top ten list is made up of top ten travel destinations, which would probably be equally true. However, it is very hot in Southern Germany right now and I have to write applications which is one of those things that sound like little fun and are actually less than you’d have expected. So where would I like to be?


#10 Rome

I’ve never been there, but somehow I think, one should have been, at least as a EU citizen, right? Ok, there is Berlusconi, and ok, it’s probably even hotter over there, but still. Just for some good old sightseeing and pretending to get some educational input while basically really just relaxing.


#9 Portugal

Not unlike Rome, I guess. Never been there, but have wanted to go for a long time now. It’s probably lovely. I imagine beautiful landscapes and quiet country-side scenes, long walks along the shores and laughing with the locals…Well, parts of that at least. I have this “it’s gonna be nice there” image of it and would like to find out if it’s true. But it will also be very hot there.


#8 Paris

Been there, loved it, been there again and was robbed, loved it still, went again and loved it again. So naturally I just really want to go to Paris again, preferably with my sweetheart and do some good old touristy stuff while enjoying the European Metropolis-ness of it all. Without riots, please.


#7 Egypt

Speaking of riots, I assume that Egypt as of now is maybe not the funnest country in the world to be for tourists, but then again it still is Egypt. Never been there, but really want to see pyramids and the nile and alla that, but I am also afraid of being thoroughly disappointed by the “ultimate tourist experience” one is likely to have due to heavy tourist traffic in good old Egypt.


#6 New York

A friend of mine is going in a few days and I could not be more jealous. It’s frickin’ NY and I love love love big cities, so basically NY and me should be a match made in heaven. And there is really no excuse, no political upheavals, no language I couldn’t master, no crazy price-tag to the flight. Still haven’t made it, still want to go.


#5 Kenia

Been there in 2006 and since then the country’s been through a lot. Just recently reconnected with a friend from there (and then) and funnily enough this coming weekend I’ll meet up with two of the women I was there with, one of whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in years (plus: she doesn’t know yet, heehee). I would really love to go there again, revisist places and faces and experience some more of this beautifully awesome country. Though I don’t know if I’d climb Mount Kenya once more…


#4 India

Classical case of Orientalism. I just gotta admit it and get it off my chest. India seems so irresistibly fascinating for the sheer variation in people and lifestyles and I’m always like: no matter what, you can just go there and try to make it. Of course I’d probably wither within a few days, but somehow I feel like I must go there once and try to live it like for real. Whatever that means. Slap me now.


#3 Okinawa (Japan)

I could really just go anywhere in Japan right now (well, except for maybe…), but most of all I’d like to go back to Okinawa and the southern islands and islets again and just enjoy a crazy hot summer with the landscape, fruits and beaches to go with it. Oh and yeah, brush up my terrible Japanese of course. Good student that I am.


#2 Iceland

Also a place that I’ve already visited in the past, and it really was a magical experience. The freedom of camping in terrific nature, surrounded by amazing friends, aww, it was perfect. I really wanna go again, see some more and revisit what I liked best. Also a place I’d like to bring my sweetheart with me, cause he’d really like it too.


#1 Mongolia

How can I have not been to Mongolia? For whatever reason I am totally obsessed with going there. It’d be perfect right now: cool, supposedly stress-free and no computer to remind me of application duties. In my mind it’s basically the most beautiful country on earth, so don’t think I come without expectations, ha. Preferably’d go there by trans-siberian railway, just soak in that wide and empty landscape. Somebody care to give me shitloads of money to buy the damn ticket? kthanx.

So how bout you? Where would you wanna be?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten list of places I’d like to be at right now

  1. Love the list – went to Egypt end of Dec (just before riots), incredible….don’t miss it. Iceland is next on the list!

    1. thank you for commenting!
      glad to hear you made it safely to and back from egypt. I’d really love to go, but I guess I’m gonna have to wait a little longer. I can definitely advice you to go to iceland though. despite being stunningly beautiful i met tons of generous and friendly people there and as of right now it is not as expensive as it used to be (for sad reasons, admittedly)

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