In love with Katrin Streicher’s photography

A dear friend of mine, Katrin Streicher, who happens to be a photographer, is soon releasing her new photo-book entitled “In Between: Sibirien. China. Mongolei” and I don’t wanna spoil the excitement, but: it is marvelous! It consists of photographs she took when travelling through siberia, china, and mongolia with the Trans-Siberian Railway and basically exists to remind us all that we should totally do the same.

Katrin studied Visual Anthropology in Manchester and has had numerous exhibitions and features. Her new publication beautifully displays her strengths: capturing moments and their atmosphere and people in their distinct moods. (And yes, I would totally buy the first picture of that man with those horses as a poster.)

But not only does she take amazing portraits, she also has an amazing eye for landscapes, cityscapes and personal spaces, be they open wide or small and enclosed.

And don’t you dare think that I don’t notice how the two pictures right above (the lake and the kitchen interior) are totally super-inspiring for pastel fashion choices. Seriously, right now I am so planning on devoting an entire blogpost on how to dress in colors and shapes that match those two photographs, becasue my oh my would it be worth it and totally be a project that draws its relevance from its own wackiness.
And then there are of course those two pictures that say: Alex, you still haven’t been in Mongolia, what the fuck? Move your ass there and experience all the melancholy and joy of the bleakness yourself. Or something like that.

So, how to end such a post appropriately? Well, dear readers, if there is one thing that youtube has taught us it is that the internet was created to disseminate videos and pictures of cats and kittens and thereby satisfy the cravings of people from all over the world. Rest assured, Katrin’s book will even cater to this:

All images are of course (c) by Katrin Streicher. You can get to her website by clicking HERE or any of the above pictures, visit here facebook-site HERE, or visit the online presence of the publishing company Nimbus by clicking HERE.


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