The sky and clouds, or why men should totally wear white combined with light blue

Maybe it is because this color-combo is easily found by looking up in the sky, but just recently I entered a severe white and (light) blue phase. It needs to be translated into men’s clothing, otherwise I’ll go crazy. Luckily, some of the major designers came up with clever outfit combinations and presented them at this years Milan Men’s Fashion Week for Spring 2012 collections, and me likey what me see-y (yeah, it works better in my head…).
First behold some blue and white everyday casualness envisioned by the Burberry Prosum team:

But if casual is not really your thing and you wanna suit it up, this white and light blue combo by Roberto Cavalli should totally be down your road:

Suit and tie time over, you can hit the city in your Calvin Klein summer outfit, that not only features some awesome white and light blue, but also comes in shape-bending forms, which is something I always love:

For just the right mix of casual and formal, Salvatore Ferragamo, who we’ll get to in a second, came up with this beautiful combination:

And the folks over at Dolce and Gabbana present something in a similar vein, but in this particular case: The effin’ bag! I. WANT. SO. BAD. !!!

Drawing inspiration from a natural color-palette, Salvatore Ferragamo single handedly shows us that white also works really well with earthy tones, and since I’m so delighted by what he presented, I’ll just relay it to you:

All images in this post via, you can get to the page by clicking HERE.

Am I slowly turning into a Salvatore Ferragamo devotee? Oh, I totally would if he’d send me over the blue and white combo including the head and presents me the Dolce and Gabbana bag (in fucking turqoise!) as a gift.
So, what is your favorite outfit? Or your preferred color combo? Team blue or team beige/light-brown/sand/whatever?


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