Jonathan Adler’s menagerie of ceramic animals

Thanks to the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin I stumbled across the webpage, which has all sorts of decoration goodness, but I was particularly enchanted by their pottery. There is a collection called menagerie with a variety of animals made of ceramic, some with a certain purpose, others just because they’re pretty, I guess.

These three are obviously not only beautiful but also very useful as either pitchers, boxes or, ermh, boxes. For all those who are not superficial and like their precious objects serving a purpose other than just being real precious and beautiful. For all those who don’t give a shit, there are the following few animals that are really just nice to look at without pretending to be of any further use:

So, these sculptures are all really pretty, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t fall in love with … a giraffe! As a ceramic sculpture! Yay! General cheers for the awesome idea to bring more giraffe in our lives.

all images (c) by, by clicking the image you get to his online-store

There is a lot more to discover over at their shop, but I am loving this collection. And I am most certainly dreaming of amassing a huge personal collection of giraffe sculptures, giraffe pitchers, giraffe boxes and giraffe whatnot-holders.


2 thoughts on “Jonathan Adler’s menagerie of ceramic animals

  1. Wooh all these look great… but to be honest I’m scared of having such decorations in my house because I am always knocking over stuff and throwing things into other things. My vases and statues won’t last 3 days.

    1. at least you’d have 3 days of living with nice statuettes. but I know what you mean, I tend to be clumsy too. The secret is to find a spot that is so out of my way that there is practically no chance of accidentally falling or stumbling onto it.

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