Couture Eggs at Achteinhalb presented by iHeartBerlin

How about some good old charity good-deed-doing for the upcoming Easter-weekend? This Easter Berlin-based lifestyle blog promises to turn the traditional family holiday upside down and  transform it into a contemporary charity fashion event. In collaboration with Achteinhalb they have asked eleven of Berlin‘s avant-garde designers to create Couture Easter Eggs. The designers are Anna Wegelin, Burkhardt/Möllmann, C.Neeon, Esther Perbandt, JULIAANDBEN, Parsival Cserer, Paula Immich, Phoebe Heess, Proportion, Reality Studio and Von Bardonitz.

These unique eggs will be auctioned off on from Monday April 18 until Friday April 22, 2011.
The proceeds will be donated to children’s charity and Japan disaster relief organizations. On Thursday the eggs will be presented live at a vernissage at the Achteinhalb Concept Store.

The COUTURE EGGS Auction will take place on the iHeartBerlin blog starting this Monday April 18 in the evening and will run until Friday April 22, 2011. During their vernissage on Thursday you will be able to enter your bids, you have to register to attend though.

Learn more over at by clicking HERE.


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