Pass your spring in pastels

So, folks, I don’t know about you, but here in beautiful Berlin spring has arrived. This past weekend we had wonderful 20°+ temperatures and if the weather would ask me (for once) I would tell it to continue like that and never change. Encouragement, it is called. Since it got a little cooler again I decided to fight the weather with clothing in purple and white, which of course (duh, what else!) reminded me: I need more pastel-colored clothing.

Lucky me, the fashion world is not one to disappoint. Pastels are the new black, which never went anywhere anyways, so you get to wear it all. Yay!
The picture above shows the principle colors that I demand from pastel wardrobe: turquoise, pink, and yellow. Awesome colors, underrepresented.

The picture is taken from the current collection of McGregor (their website is HERE), a brand that goes for the all-American upper-class sports look, but I says that no matter what class or country, pastels are awesome and should rule your day. Luckily McGregor provides some inspiration with their current collection, and I don’t want to withhold it from you.

These two looks remind us how essential white (in this case cool white shorts) is, when it comes to pastel colors. Love the shirt with the turquoise floral print, and I am always surprised by how the relatively boring combination of grey and pink can be enhanced by throwing in some white.
The polo-shirt below takes it even further by just combining all three colors into one shirt (you can see it in their online-shop here), that goes very well with the light blue shorts (another awesome color, btw).

If your lust for pink is not yet satisfied, their Distinction collection makes some suggestions as to how you could incorporate it into more formal outfits. Love the pink blazer and the pink trousers, though admittedly, the light blue shirt and the white trousers also kinda rock.

Mixing it once more with grey and getting a little more purple-y, here is another pretty outfit, just don’t get too distracted by the awesome marble wall in the back. Which deserves its own blog-entry, really.

Last but not least, behold these three beauties:

I love these belts, their color, their texture, their slimness. Prettey, sez I. Unfortunately they are not yet in the McGregor online-shop (you can get to it HERE), which currently offers a pretty awesome deal: if you buy stuff from either their online-shop (which you’d have to do here in Germany) or in any of their stores in various countries and spend at least 699 Euros they give you and IPad for free. Let’s be real for a second, I’m not gonna spend 700 Euros on clothes just like that, but if I did, I would gladly take the IPad. Ha. Bargain is in my blood. You can learn more about the special offer HERE.

But wait wait wait, Alex, I hear you all scream: Where is the yellow?
Admittedly, McGregor is a little short on that, which is a pity really. I guess we just gonna have to feed off the memories of the light-yellow Odeur jeans from their spring/summer 2009 collection. I so want these (especially now that my light-yellow jeans start to fall apart…).



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