Why Music Videos are great, or: Lily Allen’s The Fear

Although it is officially Alien month on this blog, methinks, there needs to be a little diversity. Like, my gazillion of readers are craving something other than good old Alien posts once in a while. Do not worry, children, I’ve got something in store for you.

I decided to re-visit a category that I created with talking about Adele’s Rolling in the Deep music video. Today it is going to be about Lily Allen’s The Fear though, and despite it not being a current release, it very much deserves to be blogged about. The video first:

And now for the 5 reasons why this video is awesome:

#1 – the song
Like, okay, music videos can be great even if the songs kinda stink, but often that works not to their advantage. In this case there is nothing to fear (haha, pun), cause this song is fucking genius. Musically and specially lyrically, this one just gets me. “Life’s about filmstars and less about mothers, it’s more about fast cars and cussin’ each other” – come the fuck on. If this is not angels singing in your ear, then what is effin’ wrong with you? I might be biased, ok.

#2 – the beginning
The beginning of the video is so good because it is so random, the way the camera finds her, how she delivers these wonderful lyrics (“I wanna be rich and I want lots of money, I don’t care about clever, I don’t care about funny”), how the trailer is just this hilarious little trailer, how she hops out and runs back in and all about it is forgotten, cause the rest of the video takes place in that castle. Love it!

#3 – the color palette
Pastels galore. I mean, all these colors come in shades that are so far from aggression and anything loud that it soothes me into believing that Lily Allen could be anything else than a famewhorish alcoholic. To be fair, she is certainly more than that, but at some point in her life, those two aspects seemed pretty characteristic. But I digress. Throwing subdued pinks and blues and yellows in my face is one big plus in Alex’s book of things he loves.

#4 – the dress
Ha! That dress. Beautiful.

#5 – Miri-Piri
That is really a very obscure reference and uninteresting to probably all of humankind now and then, but the whole look and song and all totally remind me of a friend of mine, that whenever I see the vid I kind of have to think of her and how she’d like it and kinda is like that.

There you are, praise it!

cause it's so cute: the dress, by PPQ spring/summer09, via lilyfan.net

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