On the runway no one can hear you scream – xenomorph dressing

After a wordy Alien entry (click HERE to get the to all Alien master index) I felt it was time for another round of photo-heavy Alien goodness, and what better way is there to celebrate Alien and visuals than: Alien Fashion!

That’s right folks, you are so immersed in your love of Alien, you just wanna display it on your body. (No copyright infringement intenden, if you own the right to any pictures displayed here and want them taken down, please contact me. For further info on all the pieces just click the links provided or the images themselves) Now, there are several ways to get there. You can of course always opt for the occasional fan-shirt, be it the iconic chestbuster (found here) or a full body Alien representation (found here) to show your allegiance.

Ok, so T-shirts are not your thing? You wanna go for something more fancy? Don’t you worry, there is always the option to choose an Alien costume. Granted, it is slightly less ready-to-wear-y than a T-Shirt, but you’ll feel much more like you’re on Fiorina161 than ever before, and people will look at you like you just stepped off of the Nostromo (which is a good thing of course). You’re options range from a simple, yet elaborate Alien headpiece (found here), to the DIY version that your kids will hug you for endlessly (found here), but you can also get a little more geeky and channel your inner Kane with yet another chestbuster-themed piece of clothing that requires you to learn how to manage to do things with only one hand (made by geeksix’s Josh, found here), or the Ripley inspired, now slightly Avatar-y, robot costume that might just land you another job (made by alexthemoviegeek, found here).

But the fashion-victim that you are, you of course know that an outfit relies on the details – you need Alien accessories, ASAP! You can keep it classy (read: splatter and sex) by simply have the chestbuster complete your cleavage (found here), or store your stuff in you new favorite backpack (found here). There is always the option to take it up a notch though by going high fashion (Hi, Tyra!) and go with the designs of the late Alexander McQueen: ditch your sneakers and opt for the McQueen Alien-heels (also available in other colors, found here), or screw that ponytail and get your hair did true Alien fashion (as seen on McQueens spring 2010 runway show, found here).

Hey Alex, you’re asking, what are you going to wear? Friends, I just wanted the right mix of high fashion, Alien, costume and yellow, so my pick for tonights outfit would definitely be Blackstore’s latex dress (found here). Cause it’s just too pretty to not wear it to the party!

Alien and the world of fashion, what a nice topic! Too gimmicky, you say? Bah, you can still just put on a white tank top, some olive army-pants, put a grey overall over it and say you’re just copying Ripley’s style. But she’ll know (and she’ll kick your ass for it).


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