Fashion Interlude: Oversize my Style!

Kids, I know, we need a little break from science-fictiorrific Alien month. Plus, it’s been a while since we covered fashion topics, so let’s just do so, shall we? Good!

First, I gotta admit, that I am a huge oversized-fan. I’m not a skinny little person, but I kinda wish I was, cause I love when people look like they get lost in what they wear. So to achieve this, I retort to using all oversized clothing I can get my hands on. Pathetic me. Fortunately, the fashion industry assists me, so we’re like partners in crime. Yeah!

The first look is from Kris Van Assche’s autumn-winter 2011/12 collection and is just the most awesome sweater I have seen in a while. It is brown and black with and interesting packaging-like texture and is so massively oversized it makes my heart melt.


This second look is featured here because of the awesome winter-jacket. Ever since last year I have a strange obsession with oversized jackets, and this one is no exception. It was designed by Maison Martin Margiela for their autumn-winter collection 2011/12 and I love love love it, cause it is patchy and blue (I could do without the fur though). I’m also partial to the boots and in general to outfits that are brightly colored and almost monochrome. Check, check and check. Now get me that jacket!


So, while I am drooling over outfits that are so beyond my price range that it isn’t even funny anymore, I’m going to search the interwebz for that damned H&M woolen knti-cardigan that I wanted so bad, but let slip through my stupid fingers….bwrah! Is what I’m sayin’.


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