Why Music Videos are great, or: Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

Many of my teenage years were spent longing for the chance to watch the German music TV channel VIVA (let alone VIVA2), and compensating by watching MTV or VH1, all the while taping those Music Videos on VHS tapes. Yeah, before all  that internet stuff and DVD junk. These were the days…

Well, glad that they are over, people still make good music and good music videos (yeah, IMHO).

One fine example is the latest single of Adele called “Rolling in the Deep”. Comparisons are shitty, but I’ll still gor for it, she somehow strikes me as a mixture of Beth Ditto and Amy Winehouse. So, there. Her first album got her one or multiple Grammys (I’m just too lazy to look it up) and was entitled 19 cause she was 19 when she released it. Her new album, of which “Rolling in the Deep” is the first single is named 21 because …. yeah, guess.

Two movies come to mind: Jurassic Park because of those water-filled glasses (T-Rex coming up the stairs in all probability), and Harry Potter, cause drummer-boy lives plays under the stairs.
Having a Samurai dance through white powder makes for good imagery, I note in the back of my head, and I grin like a moron at the wonderfulness that is the total waste of tableware, by throwing it against a screen and have it form a mountain of destruction. And just think about being the intern who had to build the paper-city, just to see it burned down. He probably cried for days in a row, that must have hurt.
I’m also fascinated by Adele’s hair, which is awesome, and her make-up, which kind of freaks me out, cause it looks so plastered on. I swear, in some shots her chin looks unreal to me, which is lightning and foundation playing tricks on my eye.

Maybe I forgot to mention: but I love love love this song. Playing it on repeat. Even in my head, hum it to myself in the subways. Cause we could have had it all. Rolling in the deep.


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