Why Chewbacca REALLY is friends with Han Solo

Just when I missed the deadline for a contest where I could have won a pretty awesome Star Wars Art book over at tor.com (which is like my new inspiration to reblog short tidbits without having to come up with anything original by my own whatsoever, but I digress), I found a way to light up my day. But yeah, first a closer look at the Art book I missed out on.

via tor.com

And here is what made me smile nevertheless:

via teefury.com

heehee. I wish I had the characters to verbalize the sounds that Chewbacca would make when being pleasently surprised, but I really don’t, since my keyboard doesn’t support Wookie. However, even though I am not really a Star Wars fan, this is pretty kewl. And yay for yellow! (btw, it is actually a t-shirt design, you can learn more about the T-Shirt and the artist Sean Kirkpatrick by clicking on the picture)


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