Living like Spiderman!

If you’re afraid of spiders, you should maybe skip this post. Then again, you’ll miss out on the good stuff, so you better stay.
Anyhoo, this post is not really about Spiderman, rather about how his flat would look like. Full of cobwebs and stuff, is that what you’re saying? Nah, Spidey is a tidy soul, plus he’s on top of his game, so there is only the best in design-o-land for him.

Admittedly, all of this makes little sense to you, I guess.
Besides two flatmates and no living pet, I have two pet plushie spiders. They usually hang around my bed, or crawl wherever I place them, but they are dear to my heart. So, as I was looking at them one fine day, I thought: Hey, how about some spider inspired interior design. Et voilà! There was an idea.

Behold the cuteness of Kryp, the green guy on top of my head in the picture to the left, and Ms Tarantula, who is really just a houseguest since her owner Agnes gave her into my loving care. Plus we both figured our two spiders would probably like to hang out. Cause that is what plushies think about all day.

So, naturally I searched the interwebz to find some pretty spider stuff, and I could dig up some arachno-gems. Keep in mind, that I don’t own copyright to any of these pictures, but you find out about that (and other stuff) by clicking the links provided below the respective pictures in the descriptions.
Let’s start out with the chairs, where you can place your very human butt in spiderly surroundings.

The steel-chair totally looks like it is about to crawl away, before it does so, you can find it here. The cobweb chair (which is really a miniature) to the right is to be found here, and the somewhat cute, somewhat scary spider-stool can be found here. Yeah, I kinda tricked you with the headline, but here is some real Spiderman, on a sofa, and you can check it out here.

Every good chair needs a table to stand beneath as the very old yet non-existent saying goes, so I took a look around for some arachnoid tables, and from very literal to more abstract ones there is a pretty range to be found.

Starting in the upper left corner, there is the modern chrome version coming with only four legs (to be found here), followed by the more literal table that’s being carried by a huge spider (find it here), and another cobweb themed table that would go nicely with the chair in the picture above (see more here ). On the lower left there is another six-legged modern take on the spider table (here), followed by yet another more literal version that could also qualify as an ant (find it here), and then two more abstact modern chrome-and-glass tables in black (here), and in white here.

Now that you sit on your chair at your table you need some light, of course, to behold the black-widow-aesthetic. But do not worry, there are some pretty lighting options spidey-style available for you:

The one hanging from the ceiling (find it here) looks like a spider-mom laying some eggs (which they don’t do like that, I’m aware, thank you). Going clockwise we encounter some technical construction that could be a light, a spider or something totally else ( more here), while the next two ones are like spider-mom and spider-kid carrying their inner light into your home and into your heart (here). The last one is a classic Tiffany-style lamp, with something resembling a spider on top, for all those who like understatement (they can check here).

All this arachnoidal glory made me want to give my best and come up with the first ever mood-boards/interior-sketches I have done in my life. In case you want to know what your potential spider-home would look like (and what you get by hiring me as an interior designer – which I am not).

Adhering to a clean and industrial aesthetic I give you room number one with a spider inspired chair (find it here), the accompanying sofa (here), the perfect table (found here), and the perfectly fitting lamp (here).

In this more playful ensemble I go colorful on your human behind with a spiderriffic table of wood and glass (find it here), an insanely awesome chair (here), an equally cool stool (here), and a sofa with moving legs that you can rest upon (here). Of course you need light, so why not try this spider-inspired lamp with swollen legs (find it here). And yep, that could totally be your kid running around dressed as a spider (costume from here), enjoying the room for what it is.

Now, mind you, all this work and talk and writing has made me tired and vulnerable, so I need some plushie time. How about these?

Isn’t Lulu, the blue little spider in the center just darling? Find her here.
Clockwise moving, let’s also not forget the brown and big-eyed spider on the upper left (here), followed by an itsy bitsy little thing that could have climbed out of a Miyazaki Hayao film (here), and the more realistic, red-legged spider that you’ll find here. Then we have the sparkly little black fella on the right (more here), another Ikea-resident (like my Kryp) to sit down upon (here), and yet another Ikea-resident-spider in the form a plushy hand-puppet (here).

Ideally, having a plush spider you’ll be as happy as her with her oversized plushie. Too adorable, right? Uploaded by her mom, I guess, to whose flickr account you get when you click the picture.

Phew, that’s good days work there, makes me wanna sit back and cuddle in with my two little arachnoid friends.

But alas, as a parting gift, I give you the now classic Spider-Pig, performed by the one and only Mr. Homer Simpson.


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