Raise your wand: First Part of the Harry Potter Finale

Yep, could not help it, resistance was indeed futile (thanks for letting me know, Borg).
Last night at around this very time I was glued to my seat witnessing with my very own eyes the wondrous magic that was the 7th installment of the Harry Potter movie series. I had been anticipating it for days, weeks, months, so naturally I had to go on the day it hit theaters here in Germany.

There is nothing much to say as I do not want to delve into novel/film comparisons or gender politics and the like, so I’ll cut it short: I loved it!
You were very right with guessing that I was a fan, and a fan I am, more so of the novels (with all their flaws), but also of the movies (with all their flaws). What this movie achieved is what all good fantasy can do: create an epic that tells of stories greater than any individual and remain at the same time touchingly personal. But enough of the pathos.

Not that I needed to be told to be excited about the very last installment that is going to hit theaters in July next year (since they decided to split up the last book into two parts), but seeing how awesome part 1 was I am ultra-pumped, cause it was all sorts of good and then some.
What really got me was the way in which they wonderfully captured the characters and their emotional development, cause that was something that only rarely shone through in the previous parts where the focus was more on the action. Action there was, but curiously it felt like a lot less of it, and for the better, or rather: I didn’t miss it, cause the time they especially gave the relationship between Hermione, Ron and Harry, with all non-plot-driving dancing and joking felt so right and so natural and so totally believable that I was smitten.
Needless to say that the animated part about the tale of the Deathly Hallows by animation director Ben Hibon was stunning eye-candy.

Accio Part 2!


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