Random Impressions of Heidelberg

I’ve been on somewhat of a tour-de-Germany this past week. Went from Berlin to Heidelberg to Mainz and then to the tiny villiage I grew up in south of Stuttgart. That explains why I post very irregularly and why my posts are particularly photo-heavy. Like this one. It’s been the third time I visited Heidelberg last week, but the first time that I stayed a little longer than just overnight, so I had the opportunitiy to have a closer look. Thank you Tobi and Sarah for giving me shelter, and for the awesome week I was able to spend there!

The image right above shows you the shop entrance to Käthe Wohlfahrt. There you can buy everything you ever wanted for Christmas (all year long) and more. Nothing is too cheesy, tacky or kitschy to not be featured here. So if you have a serious Christmas addiction, this is your place to be.

Obviously there is no posting about Heidelberg without mentioning the Heidelberg Palace. It towers over the city and is quite beautiful to behold. And lucky me I went up there with Tobi on a wonderful autumn afternoon, enjoying the view on the massive ruins.
The palace was built in the 13th century where previously there had been a smaller type of castle. A string of electors attached new buildings to the original construction and over time the Heidelberg Palace came to be one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Germany. It was destroyed during the War of Palatine Succession around 1690 and never really re-built. From the 19th century onwards it then became one of the most famous castle ruins throughout Europe.

For all of those who’ve never been to Heidelberg, I would definitely recommend to go there and have a thorough look around. The architecture alone is totally worth a visit!


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