All things Stitch (because really: why not?)

Back here in this review you can read about why I am so in love with the movie that is Lilo & Stitch. Unfortunately for my wallet and my flatmates this love for the movie extends to its merchandise, in an infantile connection of longing for the fantasies of the movie becoming reality in my life. Or whatever. ‘Cause really: I’m in heaven.

Living in Japan for a while turned out to be the most gratifying experience for any Lilo & Stitch Fan, because they love the movie as much as me, only as a nation opposed to me as an individual, which means a whole effin’ industry takes care of my need for things Stitch. And because all of them things are so radically pretty (oh, and totally sensible and stuff) I’ll force you to another practically mindless blogpost that is heavy on pictures and light on thinking. But who really cares? Exactly! Let’s start with the wonderful USB-stick that looks like Stitch on a surfboard (thanks, Mone!), follwed by a changing-motive-postcard (once more, Mone, thanks).

Our bathroom is by far the most harrassed space in our flat. That is where my Stitch-passion has a firm grip on the interior design of the room (mixed in with some Spongebob and Pokemon, mind you). Because really: isn’t a bathroom supposed to take you back to the joys of childhood and alla that? Yes, we say (collectively).

 Of course, the bathroom is not the only place that Stitch has invaded. There is the lovely paper-sculpture in light green (glowing in the dark) that Jochen made for me (thanks) and the magazine holder in my room.

I also got stacks of sticker-sheets and giftwrappers with all L&S characters on it. I’m especially in love with the ones that look like stamps from Ohana village. The beauty of it! Almost too much to behold!

Yeah, okay, so what, you say? Gee, I don’t know, go read a book! But admit it, somewhere deep down in your stone-cold heart you nurture the tiny flame of love for all things Stitch… And if it overpowers you, just come back and visit this post.


2 thoughts on “All things Stitch (because really: why not?)

  1. wooo, thank you for mentioning my presents and not the fact i smashed the big stitch cup made of awesome and presented by another good friend without ever being able to find a substitute … sorry.

    also you should have posted this early so i would not have lingered through all these 100 yen shops thinking “yey, lets buy some useless stitch stuff, just because alex will love it” and imediatly after “wait, i have no idea which of these items 8probably most) already reached stitch wonderland aka alex`s bathroom, so be patient and leave stitch here with this also awesome and useless pooh the bear items” …

    1. who is pooh the effin’ bear anyways?
      But honestly, I totally superforgot about that other cup… Like: really. Was there another cup? oopsendoodles, slipped my mind entirely. I should go through some photos…
      But since this will not have been the last time you ever were in Japan there is plenty of time left for you to buy me more stitch-awesomeness. Lucky you.

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