These boots are made for … wearing

A little while ago I blogged about how badly I wanted a pair of boots sold by H&M (you can see the post here), and by now I actually possess them. Have for a while, as a matter of fact, but was terribly undecided if I really wanted to keep them (especially since I would have treated myself to some black faux-leather-bag in lieu of the boots). I was practically already almost 100% that I’d return them, when I did a few outfit mix-ups and ultimately decided to keep them. And yes, I know, all of this is horribly irrelevant actually, I bother you with it nevertheless.

The above outfit was roughly what I had in mind when I wanted to buy the boots. Well, turned out, it didn’t really look good. I don’t like my legs in these trousers being visually shortened by the boots. Oh, the terror!

It was the outfit below that kind of – after days of contemplation and thinking I’d give them back for sure and get myself the bag instead – reconciled me with the idea of keeping them, because although it’s very business outfitty, I like how the boots complete the look.

Ultimately, it was the outfit right above that sold me on the ideas that keeping the boots was the way to go. I love oversized things that completely distort proportions, and I’ve owned that pair of trousers for at least 10 years, now I finally have the boots to let them celebrate their comeback. And 10 years and comeback are roughly the terms that describe how 90’s boyband-y I feel, when looking at these pictures of myself.

And cause celebrations are all about having fun, I’ll give you another shot of me with the outfit and them boots:

Do you think that keeping the boots is the right decision?


4 thoughts on “These boots are made for … wearing

    1. oooohh, die strickjacke ist jetzt auch da. und die ist so arg toll….
      hab die boots immer noch nicht ausserhalb vom haus angehabt, aber kommt noch. danke fürs kompliment, und ja, das bin ich. meine vergangenheit holt mich ein! (ich dachte ein studium verwischt die spuren vielleicht…)

  1. das outfit mit der roten hose ist schon auch cool, weils ja auch ne rote hose ist … das andere sieht so … anders aus. gibts schon nen eintrag zu den weissen schuhen? die sind schon noch geiler.

    1. ja, fucking stiefel. wollte sie eigtl zum essen bei mr. karlito anziehen, but i didn’t. Bin immer noch undecided. und du hast natürlich sehr recht: die weißen stiefel verdienen sowas von ihren eigenen post….

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