Guilty pleasure: ANTM

urgh, ermh, ach. mmmmhhh, shhh, there’s really no easy way to say this:
I’m kind of obsessed with America’s next Topmodel.
Now that it’s out I feel so much better worse. Ok, people will look down on me from now on, but you know what? I own it. OWN it. Like the Oprah Winfrey Network, only not as an Acronym. And yeah, all that bullshiz is supposed to lure you into thinking that I’m smarter than my ANTM-filled mind actually is.

So, America’s next Topmodel. The first Topmodel show of its kind, created by Tyra Banks (whom Perez Hilton lovingly calls Tyranosaurus Banks, which kind of also makes a lot of sense). Waaaay better than Germany’s next Topmodel, which SUCKS. S.U.C.K.S. Sorry, but ten seconds of Heidi Klum-blah and my stomach makes a backflip. Plus: she totally ruined the concept. How long is that show? 2 hours? With nothing happening? Only bitchfight of teenage German country girls? Cannot. Take. One. Second. Of. It.
ANTM on the other hand… awww, love! 45 minutes of efficient nonsense. A little drama, the challenge with some stupid pseudo-training, back to the house, a little more drama, photoshoot, everyone worries, panel and elimination. Sweet!

Cycle 15 just started, and I’m already hooked (oh, wonder!). They’re trying to go all high fashion on us, cause they got Vogue Italia and IMG Models as this season’s prize, so they’re also tougher on the girls. Whatever.
My favorite is 19 year-old Kayla, who dreams of becoming America’s first lesbian Topmodel. I’m all for it, first of all cause after her makeover she looks so fantastic with the red hair, it’s insane. Plus she takes really good photos, and yeah, she is a lesbian – I am biased, I own that too. Enjoy her goodness in the Photos below.


All of them photos can be found on the ANTM page of CW channel, but I got them via Pat’s, where he also posts his weekly recaps with lovely Caroline, my ritual, after watching the latest Episode.

Oh and did you see the royal fuck-up of Sarah Murdoch on this season’s Australia’s next Topmodel finale? Priceless, she announces the wrong winner and only realizes it two minutes in. Enjoy below.

I hear from friends (Hi Anna!) that Australia’s-NTM is kind of the crown of Topmodel-Evolution, but I haven’t really watched it yet. I loved the first two seasons of Canada’s next Topmodel, because it’s always the dorkiest one winning (yay!), and hated the first few episodes of season one on Britain’s next Topmodel. It supposedly got better though.
Damn, if there just were a Japan’s next Topmodel my Japanese would be way better. Unfortunately there isn’t.
So, now go hate on me in the comments (or profess your secret love for ANTM!).


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