I am not either/or: LesMigraS Campaign

Ok, I was actually planning on treating you to some fashion eye candy and snatched my crappy digital camera to shoot the hell out of an AnOther Magazine editorial that featured our beloved Tilda Swinton. Heck, was I proud, until I realized that I could also just look if these pictures are available online. And yes, they are, in abundance. So no need for not-so-lazy me to look super-lazy by just coming up with some same old same-old. Thus no Tilda Swinton shoot from me, sorries.
(But yes, I do realize that you are curious now, so just go here and look at the gorgeous shoot)

So to have you enjoy some amazingness nevertheless I give you the three posters of the relatively new LesMigraS campaign that invites lesbian, bisexual and trans* women to participate in an online survey. You find the English translations below the respective poster.

Would you rather have your teeth kicked in or not get the job?
[] teeth kicked in            [] not get the job                  [X] no
Identity knows no “either” – “or”

Are you a lesbian or a migrant?
[] a lesbian      [] a migrant             [X] no
Identity knows no “either” – “or”

What is worse – Transphobia or Racism?
[] Transphobia            [] Racism             [X] no
Identity knows no “either” – “or”

copyright to all posters with LesMigraS, whose website you can visit by clicking here (various languages available)


Seriously, aren’t these posters like ice-cream served with all things good?
This campaign is so right, it almost hurts in its utter awesomeness.
Because yes, identity does not know either/or. Oppression creates hierarchies, but there is no hierarchy of modes of oppression. I’ve encountered the tendency to play out one’s own position as a victim of hierarchical oppression against other positions so many times, and it makes me wonder: Don’t you realize what you are doing? Don’t you see that you are not helping yourself by putting your identity above others?

I am a white German gay male. I am a boyfriend, big brother, flatmate, son and student. I am a vegetarian, blogger and need to wear glasses. And I am so much more than that.

Can we all get up now and give that campaign a standing ovation?


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