The Berlin Wall, or: not quite

Last weekend I graciously made the effort to visit the Naturkundemuseum (Natural History Museum) here in Berlin to get a glimpse on all their pickled animals. Which is what you see in the photo below, and it looks real pretty in real life.


But what I was even more surprised about, was to find myself standing in the Invalidenpark (in between Habersaathstraße, Schwarzer Weg, Invalidenstraße and Scharnhorststraße ) for the first time. I’ve never been aware of its existence nor do I think anybody ever mentioned it to me (except for Jochen, so, thank you Jochen). It’s not exactly super-spectacular or a vast area of thriving wilderness, but in the middle of it you can find the “Sinking Wall” (conceptualized by Christophe Girot) that is to remind visitors of both the church that had been standing here in the past, but also of the Berlin Wall and how it came down. And I must say: it really is a nice monument. Simple symbolism done right, yay!

(you can view larger versions by clicking the images)


I’ll give you two more impressions of this eventful day, namely some sculptural art on the wall of the ministry for technology etc and the statue of liberty in front of the Hauptbahnhof (main station), eating the moon for ice-cream and being all fenced in.


So if you haven’t been to Invalidenpark yet but happen to find yourself in the area, it is definitely worth checking out.


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