Cosmic Living: Enter the Universe!

How appropriate: I’ve been toying with the idea to this post for a few days and just when I was about to start, I find my perfect point of entry! Namely: The Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2010 has been chosen (you can learn more about that by clicking the below image). Tom Lowe from the USA won with his image entitled “Blazing Bristlecone” and it is really pretty spectacular:

copyright: Tom Lowe, via

 Why appropriate, you might ask. Now that is, because this post was supposed to be about how images of our beloved little universe and all its pretty contents can inspire interior design and decoration. Granted, the two fields lie a little apart, but when they mix and mingle usually amazing results occur.

I’ll start with what could be labelled “my own two cents”, cause one source of original inspiration, mind you, were two pictures I have hanging on my walls. The first one is actually a postcard, the second an image that I cut out from our daily newspaper.

Please take special notice of my clumsy photography in the second picture, where you can see the reflection of my camera. Oh, and extra points for those who can name the planets shown in the first picture in the correct order.

So all these awesome pictures are only the introductory bit to what I’d like to show you now, which is fantastic interior design options, stumbled upon on the (by clicking on the images you get to the respective posts).

copyright: the design files
copyright: Aura, via
copyright: Pia Ulin, via the design files

The first one is from the Diesel stand at an interior design fair in Milan called Zona Tortona. The second picture features and interior by soft furnishings brand AURA from Australia, designed by Tracie Ellis. The third one is a photograph taken by Pia Ulin, making creative use of the lampshades that I kind of have a hate/ignore relationship with, although they can admittedly be used astonishingly effective sometimes.

Since decoration is like fashion for the home, I thought it was just fitting to throw in some clothing here as well: Voilà, the Christopher Kane resort collection 2010, via Tavi’s style rookie:


Makes me totally want to go out and buy some random shirt with, say, the milky way on it. Or something. Anyhoo, This post is almost about to be over, but since we were so heavily on the photography side up until here I’ll give you some thematically related watercolor images that I found on Alex Chapmans Blog (I assume he holds the copyright to them, or knows at least who does).

If you wish upon a star…


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