A real Cewebrity: Leslie and the Ly’s

Leslie and the Ly’s is a band consisting of Leslie Hall (the main face and singer) and Mona Bonez, Scrappy and Grazie (Retired Members: Obese “E”, Klassy “K”, DJ Dr. Laura, B.G.B.). Her/their shenanigans caused some serious youtube-buzz and therefore we got to get an album that was named after what happened to them after their first two albums: they became Cewebrities.

copyright: Leslie Hall, via fixstore.com

Cewebrity was released in 2008, and I have strong doubts that you’ll find it in any record store (except the used section maybe). So you have to order it via Leslie’s Hefty Hideaway shop and when you get the CD you get the sense that she not only packed it in the gold-foil-envelope herself, but inserted also the sticker, the postcard and wrote down your address on it. Or her mother. It’s certainly a warm and fuzzy feeling there, and makes you want to buy more music from relatively unknown artists, just for the dedication to the product.

There is even some (d-listy) star power boosting the album: Elvira, mistress of the dark, of 80s trash-horror fame is featured on one of the tracks contributing a poem. That marked also the first vinyl release for Leslie and the Ly’s, since the track (Zombie Killer) was issued as a red vinyl.

Before I give you a rundown of what I think of each song (different today, cause I don’t follow album order, but start with the song I like least moving up the one I like most), I want to present to you the foldout-poster that is actually the CD-booklet, and what an amazing picture it features:

#11 – Zombie Killer (featuring Elvira)
Dreadful moment arriving in 3…2…1… Self-destruct! Oh, Leslie! Zombie Killer is the song that actually got me hooked on Leslie and the Ly’s. That’s because it is A Fantasmagorically Terrific Song. I love it and I think it’s super-killer-funny. BUT, then there is this version. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Elvira and listen through her little poem, but not only takes it out some of the kick-ass-ness of the song, I also suspect that she is the reason why a little self-censorship happened. Like, Whud?? The “shoot them in the head, even the little kids” line is missing, also the awesome “what about the children? Shoot us in the head” question-response thingy. Urgh, no good. So what is actually one of my favortie Leslie and the Ly’s’ songs end up being my least favorite on this album. And now I’m drowning in my own tears.

If you want to survive them eating your flesh, I suggest you shoot them in the brains

#10 – Drop a gem
Booyaahh!! What an entrance. And some more minimal beats and claps with a fierce rap-performance. Unfortunately I kind of feel like the song loses steam in its chorus – which is never a good thing, right? Overall it reminds me of How we go out, only faster. It could even be fiercer, if there had been a little more work done on the singing, like layering more and all that stuff.

I’m a sequin fountain of eternal glamour.

#9 – Test 10 Guys
This is one of the songs that – for me at least – marks the new sound direction. Still rapping, but more of a pop than a hip-hop song, with some choir-y interludes that’ll be more prominent on the follow up “Back 2 Back Palz”. Classic spoken passages here, the whole song introducing more of the Midwest Diva theme. Whatevaaa.

If my baby loses its pacifier it’s kewl, I always carry three more!

copyright: Leslie Hall, via last.fm

#8 – Spider Eyes
One of the songs on Cewebrity that is more pop. It’s catchy and builds up nicely to the chorus. But, although it’s a good track, it is a little forgettable to me. It is not one to stand out either positively nor negatively and therefore I never quite remember what it actually sounded like.

Got a good haircut, even a crazy wizard would be like: whuuuuhh?

#7 – Party Dip
And even some more minimalism. What makes this song so categorically amazing – besides the hilarious lyrics – is her voice. The way she sings the song like she’s just too laid-back and cool for the rest of us and high on pot anyways: Two Thumbs Up!

I’m hungry, better get some cheese pizza, alas I brought the cash-money!

via blogcdn.com

#6 – Keep it real
There it is: the hint as to what awaits us with her next album where she goes all folk on us. And she does it pretty well. Mellow guitar with occasional drums – perfect. It is the perfect combination of lyrically hilarious and musically catchy, I can imagine all teens and twens in Ames, Iowa, dancing together in happy couples to that song, somewhere at the local barn-disco. Sounds inviting, huh?

Here’s my number, you can call me later, maybe we can go out and talk about alligators.

#5 – Midwest Diva
Brilliant intro. And strings, ha. More minimal hip-hop. Always a plus. There really isn’t much to say about this song other than that it is a clear moment of awesome on the album, coming diverse in its music and sassy in its lyrics (ok, true, what Leslie lyrics are not on the sassy side?).

If Shania were here she’d say: let’s go girl. So, let’s go girl!

#4 – How we go out
I think the video was a hit on youtube, and it represents pretty well what Leslie and the Ly’s stood for up until this album. I think How we go out is much more reminiscent of the two previous albums that were much more Hip-Hop/Rap. And in a good way, that is. Awesome song, cause it’s fun and catchy. Hilarious lyrics, minimal beat – what more can you ask for?

Stomp once for Britney, twice for Beyoncé, now three times if you wanna hear me get nasty.

#3 – Blame the Booty
More minimal beat and what sounds like the bell-button on a cheap old keyboard. Perfect. The song rocks in both lyrics in music, but to be fair, I love the remix – which was featured on Leslie’s myspace page for quite a while – by NSL even more, it is the mix used in the video below. It’s faster, more electro-house-y, but all the more suck-in-y (yes I love hyphenated made up adjectives). On the follow up album, there is a folk version of BtB, which is equally gorgeous and definitely worth checking out.

On my giant trampoline I go bounce bounce.
You fall in love with every ounce ounce.

#2 – Beastmaster
The hidden track. There is one on every album of them, I think. And this one: is awesome! All guitar and cracky pretend-to-be-old voice it is hilarious. Listen to it loud in your apartment and you are sure to get the attention of your flatmates and your neighbors. When she starts to scream out the eagle’s name at the latest. Also giving a pretty good idea of where the next album is heading.

I’ve got two ferrets who always lick their butts. When you turn away they try and steal your stuff.

#1 – Real Gold and Glamorous
Like How we go out, this song is very close to the style of the first two albums, and positively so. There is crazy synthesizers, minimal beat, rapping and an overall 80s feel that makes you want to shake your booty. Now if Leslie were say: Lady Gaga, this would defo be her second single and deserve an awesome video-clip treatment. This song is so catchy and so very epitome of why Leslie is great that it almost hurts.

I’m goin’ keep it real, my friends. And I’m goin’ keep it gold. And I’m goin’ keep it glamorous. I’m never gonna change mother nature’s recipe.


So there it was: my favorite Leslie and the Ly’s song on their album Cewebrity. If you haven’t had a listen yet, go and get one!


4 thoughts on “A real Cewebrity: Leslie and the Ly’s

  1. i’ve had this album for 2 years now and i have to admit that i almost never listen to it anymore. i haven’t heard anything from her since – i guess she ends up being just one of these one-hit-cewebrities? which would actually be kind of sad because she seems cool enough to go further than that.

    in terms of “nerdy”-hiphop-ish-music, i suggest these:

    curtis plum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u2VwrvJhhw
    die antwoord: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_pS46YRMIQ

    if you don’t know them already…

    1. yeah, her web-fame kind of wore off a little since then I guess. Cewebrity was probably the peak in terms of her schtick with the hip-hop-goldpants-thing. But she released a new album, ermh, last year or early this year, where she changed direction, so it’s mainly (nerdy) folk music now. Which is certainly different, but then again kinda not and it’s fun nonetheless. You can buy it in her shop and watch/listen to “Gravel in my shoes” from the album here.

      Thank you for the suggestions! I admit the 2 hats song is kinda funny, but I don’t really buy that he is into that as much as he wants us to be into that, I have to check out more of him. And I heard about die antwoord before, but haven’t listened to any of their stuff – it’s effin’ rad! That’s some good beats there! Thank you!

  2. I dunno if you still check this or not but she did NOT die out, she has a new album and its AMAZING. check it out Destination Friendship. it Rocks better then all 3 previous

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