Will it Suit me?

Since the weekend is about to be officially over I’ll give you a little something to read look at. But I’m not limiting myself or even yourself here: you can also use this post to start off your new week. Oh and yes, I shamelessly stole the idea from Zana over at garbagedress.com, but in all fairness, the pictures are not available online (although you can subscribe to their online magazine content here).

The AnOther Man Magazine has a supplement called Style Guide, and the following picures are taken from the Autumn/Winter issue 2008. No copyright infringement intended, so if you hold the rights to these photos and want them taken down, please contact me.

I love suits and I love when unusual suits are worn just casually, combined with beautiful shirts and eye-catching accessories, so this is what this post is going to be about. The editorial is named “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” (which is a quote by Oscar Wilde), and the main focus is on the accessories.

Can you guess which one is my favorite?
It’s the the red one on the right side in the second picture (#2 the red one in the pic below, followed by the one on the left in the third pic).

There’s a few more goodies in the magazine that I’ll just randomly post here, in order to tease you and make you want more shirts, sweaters, suits and whatnot. Enjoy!


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