Storm the fortress: Spandau Citadel

I already posted about my visit to Berlin-Spandau, so here is another post for all Berliners and Berlin-visitors out there. Living in the east or in the Kreuzberg/Neukölln area of Berlin usually means that chances are high you never make it far out west. There are nice places though, and Spandau certainly has a rich history to offer. Not to forget Spandau Ballet, who actually don’t have much to do with Spandau anyways, I guess.


The Spandau Citadel is one of these things, being a Renaissance fortress built upon structures that were already erected as early as about 1050. The oldest intact building is the Julius-tower and it’s adjacent Palas (from the 13th century). The whole citadel is built on an island that forms a square, and birds-eye-pictures of it look pretty therefore.


There’s a whole bunch of statues. Most of them knights and rulers and whatnot, but I don’t really care, I’m just very very fond of Albrecht der Bear (Albrecht the bear – who actually was the first Margrave of Brandenburg and was born around 1100) who holds out his cross like there’s no tomorrow, making me feel all guilty and stuff. For like basically nothing.


For a little consistency on this blog I just had to add this picture. So there is fashion and decoration here too, medieval style, or actually more Renaissance style, not that I could really tell. But I love the colors. Plus I love all colored glass, especially if the color happens to be green and I think the necklace-case is pretty awesome.


Yeah and just like that this post is already over. Notice how I played with the colors in the last photo and like the 70s kinda sepia feel of it. And oh, if you happen to live or be in Berlin, drop by. It’s a fun day trip and if the weather is fine you can just have a nice little picnic there. On a Sunday you can also combine it with a flea market visit at the OBI parking lot on Wilhelmstraße near the train station. Have fun!


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