Rodeo living: Enter the Bull!

I won’t be exactly the first person to scream “Me! Me!” if someone were to ask if our favorite animal was the bull a.k.a. the taurus. But I do find myself in the position of possessing the beautiful reprint of an equally if not more so beautiful painting of two bulls by a painter named R. Freund, simply titled “Stiere” (bulls), that is about to grace my wall, once I’ve decided where to put it (it hung somewhere else previously).

To compliment my beloved bull-painting, I have these two pretty woodblock prints by G. Ulrich, that actually were front and back cover of some novel, but I cut them from it and threw the book away. I hear your shocked gasp! But nevermind, I made sure that it (Marguerite Steen’s 1960 novel “Stiere von Parral” – bulls of Parral) was crap, before I threw it in the trash.

So, got me thinking: could this be all there is? My weakened heart could hardly take it, so a good old internet-search provided me with comforting assurance that there are indeed more pretty bull-things in the world to behold:

First off some more paintings: You can find the incredibly amazing “down to earth” bull here, the minimalist woodblock-print here, the sun-loving über-awesome woodblock-printed ox here and the colorful taurus portrait here.

But there is more! The No-Bull necklace is terrific first and foremost because of that ultra-cute little chinese stamp, you can find it here. Then there is the beautiful and colorful figurine carved out of wood and painted by hand, which you can find here. I like good cards a lot, and I love love love the stitched taurus card! You can find it here, if I’m not just buying it away right in front of your eyes… Then there is the work of a blacksmith for the art-lovers out there, who have a little spare room in their apartment, you can find it here.

Some other nice finds are the leather-bound book (find it here), another fantastic kirigami-card from here, an aluminium plate that’ll either function as artwork or a tool from here and a cute little embroidered pillow that you can find here.

Copyright of all the above images with their respective creators, who’ll you learn more about after clicking the links. I’ll furthermore bother you with my dear little stitch-cup from good old Japan (thank you, Julien!) that doesn’t actually say anything about my real zodiac. And yes, I wear a SpongeBob T-Shirt. Rejoice.

No bull-featurette in the world would be complete without a reference to the red bull from The Last Unicorn (which is a film we definitely have to get to!), so, here it is:


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