Lusting after … Hoodies!

Oh, the things you love from afar…

I’ve been aware of Ken Panda for a while now, meaning that it’s probably two years. I can’t even keep track. It was the first shop that made me aware of, which is, for those who know it, the german equivalent to

I love hoodies! I do, in fact I’m wearing one right now. The one I’m wearing though is neither high-quality nor sustainable in any way (more of a cheap-ass bargain from a shop whose name you really don’t want to hear). So, when I thought, one beautiful day, hey, how about looking for awesome hoodies on the internetz, sustainable and all I actually stumbled across Ken Panda pretty quickly. To give you an idea of what I’m raving about, here are some pictures (copyright of all of them in this post with Ken Panda, of course):

Urgh, yes confession time: I look at them and love them and yet I haven’t gotten around buying one. That’s defo on my to-do list. Notice how they make hoodies for whatever gender you feel you are and all ages imaginable. They are all handmade from organic cotton, isn’t that just darling?

In case you wondered, this is the one I’d probably love to have the most (closely followed by the one posted right above this very statement).

You can find the shop by clicking here.


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