Going to church: Nikolaikirche Spandau

You would never have guessed, but the initial idea for this blog was to blog about churches.
Now, I’m not a religious person, as in: I don’t go to church for service, nor do I believe in any religion, nor in any god.
But churches can be pretty badass nonetheless. Especially here in Berlin, where there seems to be one on every street corner and where nobody pays attention to just that, it is very interesting to just explore the city by visiting its churches.
While I abandoned the idea of this blog being exclusively about churches, I’d like to blog about them nevertheless, so here I begin:

I’ve been to Spandau out in the west with my flatmates over a week ago to go hunting for awesome things on cheap fleamarkets. Mind you, we were too late for that, but made a fun trip out of it by visiting the old Spandau city center and wandering around the citadel (which I’ll blog about later).

The St. Nikolai-church in Berlin Spandau was mentioned for the first time in 1240, although the construction of the church as we can see it nowadays only really started in the first half of the 14th century.
The tower, which is 77m of height, burnt down two times, once in 1740 and then again in 1944. The whole church has been restored to its old glory as late as 1996. It is a reformed church belonging to the Margraviate of Brandenburg, and the statue above depicts Elector Joachim II, who converted to Protestantism in 1539.

The baptismal font is apparently the oldest work of art in the church, dating back to 1398, which is pretty impressive. The image in the middle depicts the family tomb of the Lynars, who came to Brandenburg in 1578 after having converted to Calvinism and who directed the construction of the Spandau Citadel. The window is part of the small Ribbeck Chapel, beneath whose floor the family tomb of the Ribbecks is located.

After having had a thorough look we moved to the restaurant facing the church called “Satt und Selig” – full and blissful. We recommend the mushrooms filled with spinach and gorgonzola.

Oh, and they exhibit this incredibly hilarious work of art.

And I’ll just leave you with some impressions of far-out Spandau.


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