Bag it up

I got a new bag today! For free!
Yesterday, I spent at least an hour on good old ebay to look around for bags. The weekender type, not as big as a suitcase but big enough to hold a notebook and other little things like books and water bottles. Needless to say, the ones looking good were also the ones on the pricy side.
So super-lucky me went to where I do voluntary work today, for the first time in weeks after a work-related break, and I encountered the bag you see below again, which has been lying around there for like a year or more.
And now: it is mine! Yay, behold it’s awesomeness:

It’s not a brand, at least there is nowhere a name of any sort of company to be found. But it’s big and it’s red and it’s leather-looking and it’s mine and I got it for free. Even our old fellow Gizmo is happy.


2 thoughts on “Bag it up

    1. This is my first comment on the blog ever, and still it takes me five days to reply… I apologize!
      I was unsure of the red at first (especially because the day I got it I wore red jeans), but by now I love it. And while I’m also looking forward to combining it with all things black, at the moment (like e.g. today) it goes very well with my light-yellow/beige/white outfit.

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