Guacamole forest

image taken from

Mmmhh, yummy, avocados!
I love to eat them. Spread out on a slice of brad, a little onion, some salt and pepper, topping it with slices of tomato and cucumber: delicious!
But I discovered that I also love to plant them. For two simple reasons: It’s easy, and the avocado trees are pretty. That is not to say I would never have tried it, if they were ugly and the process difficult, but I’d probably never have gotten to the point to write a blog post about them.

Here you get a glimpse on my little avocado-forest. Charlotte Roche’s audio novel “Feuchtgebiete” made me finally give planting avocado seeds a try. I had heard dozens of stories of how you have to build an elaborate construction of little wooden sticks, placed carefully in a jar of water, so that half of it is always in while the other half is always out, and wait till the damn thing grows.
I decided to not want to put myself through so much (yeah, sounds like the most terrible effort ever, right?), so I modern-timely as I am googled how other people do it. It’s fairly straightforward: Put the seed in some potting soil so that the pointy part of the seed still peaks out, keep it moist and put it where the sun shines. And then wait. Sometimes the seed cracks incredibly fast, sometimes it takes longer, but as soon as the little tiny trunk with the first leaves sneaks out it’s only a matter of weeks until your own little tree has grown to respectable heights.

Meet the family:

The first one is one of the younger trees and therefore growing and glowing. The second one is actually also my second ever planted one and recently, as you can see, grew a little tired. But that happened before, so let’s hope it’ll get back on track. The lush third one is nursed with lots of love and sunshine by my caring flatmate. Thanks!

Here we got three youngsters in very different stages of development, the one on the bottom obviously just makes its debut to The World. The second one is also a younger one that grew incredibly tall but somehow just keeps losing all it’s leaves. I admit, it might have to do with too much water… Isn’t the top one just darling? And notice how it boldly starts with multiple trunks. Adorable.

Ah, life and death, so close together! The only non-tree (or more of a not-yet-tree), a cute little seed that still waits for its necessary crack. And my first ever avocado-tree that unfortunately did not survive, since it drowned in my love too much water, and did not recover. RIP.
Not pictured is one little avocado tree that I gave to our neighbour, to care for and love it. So: Greetings from afar!

I’m kind of glad that I don’t give them names. Makes me feel sane.


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